Training, training, training

With 4 weeks till we dip our tires in the Pacific Ocean, my journey across America is feeling very real.

I began training after I got a bike at the end of October, so I am in my fourth month of biking. I ride 6 days a week tracking my training by miles if I ride outside, and by hours if I have to go inside on my trainer or a stationary bike at the gym. There have been many inside days since the winter months have brought challenging temperatures for my hands and feet. I ride between 9-12 hours or 120-180 miles a week. Since this is all new to me I hope this is enough? I was a marathon runner but this is so new for me I can only hope that I am close to being ready.
We will average 60 miles a day but that will be on hills, and elevation, none of which we have in Newport News. I am very restless at this point with so much to process from packing, logistics, my family, and safety.
Thank you for your support and prayers. Fundraising for Alzheimer’s (Walk To End Alzheimer’s) will keep me going.
Stay tuned

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