Leaving On a Jet Plane

My bags are packed and I am ready to go, and I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning very bright and early.

I will be meeting up with my bike in San Diego and many new faces of the ladies I will be riding with starting on Friday March 7th.  My sister from Boulder has been by chance in San Diego for a conference so she stayed a couple of extra days to see me tomorrow. I am so excited to see her and hang out tomorrow.  I also plan to go to the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association on Thursday and say hello.

My eyes are heavy even though it is not terribly late. So I will say good night getting up at 3:30am, we will meet again in California.

Thank you for helping me spread the serious business of supporting Alzheimer’s Disease.  My mission is to meet and hear stories of families touched by Alzheimer’s Disease. Give them hope and make a difference.




3 thoughts on “Leaving On a Jet Plane

  1. Good luck. I will be following you from Hampton. A few of my friends from Poquoson are doing the same ride. They are starting on Saturday. I hope you run into Bubba’s Pampered Pedallers out on the road.

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you make your journey across the U.S. on a bike. So cool! Have fun, Rona! I will miss you on Fridays and look forward to hearing all your stories. 🙂

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