Day 1: We’re off!

Day1-sd-4Day1-sd-5I have arrived in Alpine California (31 miles) for stop 1 and it was a great ride.  Not easy, but ok …the front desk hotel clerk, a young lady in her 20’s, just lost her Dad to Alzheimer’s at age 45.  Too young.  I gave her my card and she wants to follow my Blog.


Natalie from the Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego came to the Pacific Ocean for my send off.  Her mom has Alzheimer’s–another sad story.

I am so grateful for this chance to ride for Alzheimer’s …..all good things are worth working for.  Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my ride for Alzheimer’s; every dollar counts.

Going for a hot shower and we will eat dinner around the van outside!!!
See you tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Day 1: We’re off!

  1. Am enjoying your posts, keep it up!! I know your kind words & your compassion helped
    the people who shared their stories today.

  2. Rona, I am so excited for you! Congrats on the first day of the ride. I hope you have great weather. Thank you for spreading the word about Alzheimer’s and raising money to search for a cure!!

  3. Hey “My Friend” That’s what you always say and I love it. Hope all goes well weather, bike stays intact(no wheelies) health, everyones attitude is good and you get to enjoy the scenery as well as make good time. Praying for you and your team! Love,Brenda Joyce

  4. Praying for you Rona. Thank you for doing this. You have been on my mind since I watched you leave the Pacific on Friday Morning. You are truly amazing!

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