Day 3: Mountains and Winds

I started today in Alpine california with great hesitation and fear as they were calling for
50-70 mph winds over a 10 mile, 3000 ft elevation drop. This was after being blown off my bike yesterday on a tough uphill climb! My bike and I made out fine–we just got a bruise and a startle. You will, I hope,  be proud of me for using my common sense and taking, along with many of the woman on the trip, a bump. That means we took a ride to the bottom 10 miles to be safe. Please don’t call me a wimp because a few of us got lost later and did an extra 5 miles!!


When the “hills”–which are really mountains–get tough, I think of our families dealing with Alzheimer’s and this is nothing!

photo 3

Oh Roberta, if you are reading this the sunglasses are great–don’t know what I would do without them.

Connie (Village Bike Shop), my bike is holding up great!  I apologized to her for a 7.5mile stretch that was so bumpy I thought my bike would never make it in one piece!

Avanell, Chris, Matt, Matt, Rod, Dave (Bike Beat)– thank you for the bike class, guidance, and help.

Please share my Blog and my Facebook page where I post pictures too. If we are not friends, let’s be friends!

Remember I am riding to bring awareness and donations for Alzheimer’s. Please help me by sharing our passion for an end to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Donations: Google “Ronasride” or visit the Please Donate! page right here on my blog and push the EASY Button!  You can also send a check directly to:

Alzheimer’s Association Southeast Virginia Chapter
c/o Rona’s Ride
6350 Central Ave, #102
Norfolk, 23502

Thank you so much!


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Mountains and Winds

  1. Stay safe through this adventure as you bike across America. We are enjoying the post and sharing them with friends.

    What do you eat along the way to maintain your energy/ stamina? No more tumbles from you bike–beware of the winds.

    Beautiful sunny day here.

    Take care.

    Nancy and Vince

  2. I’m so proud of you. I would not have made it past the first day. thinking of you everyday. Please be careful.

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