Day 6: One state down!


Left California at sunrise today on a beautiful morning. Crossed the Colorado river as we headed to the Arizona border. Headed to Interstate 10– yes, we road 35 miles on the freeway. Got passed by lots of 18 wheelers probably headed to Virginia with your stuff!!! At least we had a wide shoulder and it was smooth!

It was lots of desert and lots more desert and even more desert…….
Truly God’s creation..  I found myself singing God Bless America and I don’t even sing!  But out in the desert it was safe!!!!
It was a good 60 mile ride.  I met a guy riding alone for epilepsy and I shared my ride for Alzheimer’s.
If my OSC Orthopedic and Spine Center friends are reading this, my knees, back and all other body parts are holding up great.  I am grateful for all the help from your office!
Please continue to pray for my safety and thank you for your donations to Alzheimer’s .
With appreciation..

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10 thoughts on “Day 6: One state down!

  1. Must have been quite scary riding along the interstate with those 18 wheelers flying by you.

    Stay safe and keep the interesting pics and comments coming.

    N and V

  2. Hi Rona.
    I saw Boyd Haynes today and he said to give a big shoutout to you! So here it is
    “we’re so incredibly proud” and I know you are working as hard as that little body
    can go.You have a strong mind & an incredibly strong body. You can do this &
    I know you will.. I think and pray for you every day. Love,Judy

  3. It feels fast- as in days passing from here. I wonder if it feels like that to you. Looks like no need so far for warmer wear! If you pass trucks again raise your arm like you are trying to pull on the horn and they will honk. The kids did this on road trips all of the time and well, you are on a road after all. I think you will love this country and know it much better than some. Keep singing!!!

  4. Rona proud of you and such an inspiration!! Love all the wonderful pictures ~ Tom & I look forward to your posts everynight!
    Thank you for riding for a cure for Alzheimer’s! May God give you the strength & courage to trust your instincts & carry on your efforts. Godspeed! Happy & safe pedaling 🙂

  5. Hey you
    Keep the wind at your back and all
    Your memories infront of you. You
    Have got this . Continue to sing, it’s good for the
    Lungs. Pick a new song everyday
    And let us know what it is!!!!stay safe, you have an angel in your shoulder, until tomorrow. Love to you. Jamieand E

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