Day 7: Join me, if you will..

Hi to my wonderful Blog Buddies,
I want you to experience my ride from Salome, Arizona to Wickenburg. Remember this is a factual story, not based on facts.  Now, close your eyes and we will begin–whoops–sorry, don’t close your eyes or else you can’t read our story.
It’s 4:45am and you are awakened by a horrible scream. Oh yes, we remember the rooster at the motel. Lesson 1: Roosters don’t only scream at sunrise!  Silly me–such a city girl.
We get on our bike clothes.  Not attractive, but practical for visibility and sitting on a tiny little saddle for many hours.
Outside the motel, we grab whatever food is there for breakfast.  Remember–fuel first,  taste is secondary. Pack some snacks and we will be ready.
Now I want you to imagine a straight line.  Make it white, like the road lines. Now make the line 55 miles long and very. Straight.
Still with me?
Now imagine some fans all along the way on, say, medium–blowing in your face. Now, on either side of that 55 mile, fan-blowing white line are picture postcards of an Arizona desert following you the whole 55 miles. You can see far ahead.  Very far ahead.  Looks pretty much the same.  Kind of like running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike.  For hours.  Are you getting it?
Only now you reach Wickenburg and there is joy in your heart because you are safe, you have peddled for Alzheimer’s, and you are blessed that so many wonderful friends are with you every inch of the way.
I hope you enjoyed our little ride because if you for *one second* thought I could do this without you, oh, you are SO wrong. I ride for all of us who want an end to this horrible disease called Alzheimer’s.
You are my inspiration!
With respect and love,

15 thoughts on “Day 7: Join me, if you will..

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! We’re thinking of you and sending you thoughts of tail winds.
    Jabin, Tate and Dylan

  2. Rona
    Thanks for the 55 miles. I’ve driven those miles along that white line!! The different hues of sand, cloud formations against the blue sky. We were driving for pleasure. YOU are riding for Alzhiemers!!! Keep on keeping on. One week down and miles of adventure and growth ahead of you. We are with you. Sending love, keep smart and safe. Jamie and Ellen

  3. Hi gal! You are in our thoughts and prayers . Jim and I have been enjoying reading along with you each day. Jim said yesterday…about the desert…she hasn’t,t seen anything yet…wait til you go across Texas. There is a lot of open space in this wonderful country of ours. Stay safe and we are cheering you on.
    Pat and Jim

  4. I dedicate this bike journey to those taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s , those who have taken care of someone with Alzheimer’s , those that will take care of someone with Alzheimer’s, those living with Alzheimer’s , and those that share our Vision Of A World Without Alzheimer’s .
    With love,

  5. I can see the white line and know that every day that you ride,.,you are inspiring and
    helping many people who are living the disease, as you did with your mom. God is
    on your shoulder and helping to give you the strengh that you need everyday.
    So proud of you!!! Love,Judy

  6. You truly brought us with you on this ride…. rooster & all beautiful!! My legs are even hurting 🙂 Amazing photos and now we know you are a writer too!!! We love you Rona – May God give you the strength & courage to trust your instincts & carry on your efforts. Godspeed! Happy & safe pedaling!

  7. Hi Rona! I love your blog and your dedication to ending this disease. What a wonderful experience and I love how you are bringing me along with you. I find myself laughing and tearing up each day I read.
    May God bring on the sun and gentle breeze so that you can travel at ease! Happy Pedaling!

  8. Thanks for the ride and the views along the way. You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you answer for those who dont. I am proud to be your friend and think of you everyday while you are on this journey. Love you and be safe.

  9. Ro our class has a USA map out. We are following your route everyday with yarn. Pictures to follow. Love and hugs, we are so PROUD of you. P-1 WECC

  10. You are My inspiration Rona….in many ways!!. Love following you on this incredible
    journey and I know that you are teaching others along the way. Love,Judy

  11. You are an amazing inspiration to so many. I am so proud to call you my special friend and so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for taking us all on this amazing journey. May G-d bless you always!

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