Day 9: Learning more lessons

My group that I rode with today, Saturday, rolled out of Phoenix at 7:45.  A little later start, but it suited me exactly!! I was humbled by my ride on Friday.  It was cool and slightly downhill, so rookie me went out too fast like I was in a hurry or in a race. Sometimes you just want to get there, and that was all my fault. At mile 40, my knee started to hurt.  I raised the seat, but then my Achilles started to hurt! I rode the next 28 miles beating myself up, but trying to find peace with my rookie mistake!! So today was another day and I hooked up with 3 ladies that wanted to enjoy the day ride out of Phoenix. Lesson #3.

We peddled from Phoenix, through Scottsdale, Mesa and finally rolled into Gold Canyon, Arizona. It was a 60 mile, *beautifully* scenic ride. The knee felt better today, and I am icing the Achilles while I write. All will be good for our climb to Globe, Arizona tomorrow.

Please pass along my efforts and help me encourage ANY donation to Alzheimer’s either through my blog at the top where it says to donate or checks made out to the Alzheimer’s Association and mail to 6350 Center Dr Suite 102 Norfolk Va. 23502 write Rona’s ride in the memo.
Thank you for your prayers and support,


4 thoughts on “Day 9: Learning more lessons

  1. You are taking us along this journey in every aspect & though we are not riding there with you, we are there in spirit, we look forward to your post nightly, my knees hurt for you – Take it slow and as always you truly are amazing!! Thank you for all that you are doing to help put an end to Alzheimer’s. May God give you the strength & courage to trust your instincts & carry on your efforts. Godspeed! Happy & safe pedaling 🙂 Love you ~ Rosanne & Tom

  2. Ok Girl,
    You know that this is not a race. The cure for Alzhimiers takes in a lot of different things … You need to take in a lot of different things in your daily ride . Don’t Rush, enjoy your time and days. You may not “pass that way again “, make it all yours. So glad you enjoyed today’s ride . Keep up the good job. Sending you best vibes!!!! Love, Jamie

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