Day 10: The uphill climb


We left Gold Canyon this beautiful morning at 7:30am.  I was a really nervous as our guide, Carol, told us we were riding through a mountain pass–that means up, up, up…..through a tunnel in the mountain, a bridge over a big hole in the ground and THEN climbing about 4600 feet. Got the picture?!

It was all true and I made it.  Saddle time was 5 hours with a couple of rest/snack stops, a total of 49 miles.  I was happy, especially for my safety.  Did I mention the mountain pass is how cars go east?  LOTS of cars, big giant trucks, and Winnebagos bigger than some homes!!!!
Those huge mountains seem to get in the way sometimes.

Tomorrow is our last stop in Arizona.  Safford is a 78 mile ride and then off to New Mexico.
Hey, I am back… called my big sis in Boulder and had a wonderful talk.  You know, she is a mountain girl living in Colorado. When I say we rode a pass, climbed 4000 ft she knows the lingo. But best of all, she is my wonderful big (petite) sister who I am so blessed to have in my life.
Well,  I pray you who are reading this are well and understand the appreciation I have for your support.

TO DATE WE HAVE RAISED FOR ALZHEIMERS $5640.00 toward my goal of $10,000!!!!
Donate on or checks to Alzheimer’s Association 6350 center Dr suite 102 Norfolk Virginia 23502
Thank you for supporting my ride and especially for believing in our vision of a world without Alzheimer’s!
Love Rona

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One thought on “Day 10: The uphill climb

  1. Hey Girlfriend
    I knew you could do it. I
    Do know what those mountain passes are like. It is hard in a camper and car; however, nothing
    Like being on a BIKE. You are truly an inspiration and you know what?
    CARE Of YOU. Lv, Jamie

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