Day 11: Stretching myself to reach others

Day11-3We left Globe, Arizona on a crisp, beautiful, blue sky morning headed for our last stop in  Arizona, in the town of Safford. You probably think I am making these towns up but nay, nay, trust me, they are real, small, and everywhere around our ride routes. They are very used to bike riders as they are on the Southern Tier Route that many people take. WomenTours make all the reservations ahead and the motels are expecting us. They usually have the rooms ready when we roll in, spread out in different clumps of riders. We rotate roommates every night.

Day11-5We usually eat outside (white plastic chairs) around our tiny trailer kitchen where Sarah prepares our meal. After dinner, we get the Cue Sheet that tells us our route for our ride the next morning. Carol, our guide, goes over it in detail to help us be prepared for the ride. As a rookie, sometimes I get scared, as it seems overwhelming at times. My confidence is building, though, and I think of why I am riding and the fight for Alzheimer’s helps me attempt new challenges. In fact, this whole trip is a wicked challenge.

Day11-1 Day11-2
So today I will share an Alzheimer’s story! We stopped at Taylor Freeze, a locally owned ice cream and burger type spot 11 miles outside Safford. They had lots of signs tempting you to stop just like South Of The Border, but smaller, like the towns. It was on our cue sheet so my group had planned to stop. The owner (family business) is Sheryl Goodman and she loves the bike riders.


She was very friendly and we quickly engaged in a conversation. Of course I gave her my blog card and told her I was riding for Alzheimer’s awareness. Bingo!  She began by telling me her mom had died of Alzheimer’s 2 years ago and had it for 10 years. I hope she will follow my blog!
So my friends, even in a tiny town in a rural desert, Alzheimer’s strikes.
I will continue to share my journey and again it is your encouragement that keeps me going.


4 thoughts on “Day 11: Stretching myself to reach others

  1. Rona
    Now you have been riding for about 21/2 hours. I ‘m having coffee.!! We have 27 degrees
    and sleet overnight with snow .
    I found little rural towns to be the best! All the names different but good souls live in all those towns.
    Wish you could somehow attach a bag to you bike that read : give a
    JusT MIGHT pick up a few extra dollars. So proud of you ! Keep up the good fight and ride. 🙂 Jamie

  2. For each an every small town you ride through, there is at least one story (and probably
    many more) of how Alzheimer’s has impacted a family.
    Your story is the one that inspires all of us to join you in our efforts to find a cure for
    this insidious disease.
    Keep riding, keep strong, keep spreading the word.

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