Day 13: Solo Ride

I am writing you as I sit in my hotel room, resting from a day of climbing–and then climbing –and then climbing to our hotel in Silver City, New Mexico, 5945 feet above sea level. One of those climbs was the continental divide at 6534 feet.  When I left Lordsburg this morning, it was 30 degrees–and you know I do not like riding in the cold!  I dressed in layers, however at mile 5 on a beginning 15-mile stretch of uphills, the layers started to come off.


I rode mostly alone.  On the hills, everyone kind of goes at their own pace. We see some other riders at the SAG (support and gear stops) as we roll in for a snack or drink. Then we leave and spread out again. There are 27 riders and we finish at widely different times. Some people like to stop more, some like to get to the hotel quicker. I will let you guess which one I am?

I finally found a good mirror at a bike shop in the quaint town of Silver City (a mining town for silver).
Tomorrow is the end of week 2–wow!!! Only 6 more weeks (yikes!) and many more climbs ahead.

Day13-3 Day13-7
Fundraising : $5595
Goal : $10,000
Thank you for following me and supporting Alzheimer’s



5 thoughts on “Day 13: Solo Ride

  1. Hey Girl.
    Good for you. I have crossed the Cont. divide but NOT ON A BIKE.
    I can only imagine hiw difficult this
    Experience is everyday. I am sure
    Everyday Is different. I’m sure you have to remember all the reasons you chose to do this. We are so proud of you. I would love to be riding with you but would want to be riding on a scooter!! 🙂
    You are already half your goal, you
    Are the MAC MAMA!!! Eat, eat , drink and stay safe!! Lv , jamie

  2. Hey Rona, you are doing great! ! I am so proud of you…I am thinking of you and saying a special prayer with positive thoughts for you to have the time of your life doing what you love while spreading our message -end Alzheimers in our life time! Love you and miss you

  3. Hi Rona,
    I love your blogs, like reading a very interesting book!!! The pics make it very real. You’re
    doing great….thought & prayers are with you all day.

    Love,& miss you …..Judy

  4. Hey Rona

    We are enjoying your pics and hearing about the people that you
    Meet. When I visit a friends mother
    Who has this terrible disease, I think of you and the association. Your ride is so inspiring to me. When I visit my friend she always
    Has a big smile on her face when she sees me but I know she can no longer call my name. We still have
    Wonderful visits although her responses to me are not always in
    Tume to the moment, but in
    Our hearts we are singing the same song. Our song is the same song
    That all victims, their families and caregivers are singing. The song: let’s Go Ahead And Find A Cure”
    Keep on singing…,,love Jamie

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