Day 16: Hello, Las Cruces!


Today, Saturday, March 22, I dedicate my blog to the Alzheimer’s Association of Las Cruces, New Mexico. We left Kingston about 8:15 am for a chilly and a 9-mile downhill stretch! Just for the record, I REALLY DO NOT LIKE cold bike riding! It was an 88 mile ride–some rolling hills, but many miles of flat desert riding.


Oh, I had my first encounter with a loose dog (Womantours told us to bring a whistle in case a dog started to chase us).  I had my whistle ready, and there he was across the two lane road in the middle of almost nowhere!  I heard the bark and saw what looked like a great big angry dog, about 200 pounds and teeth showing. I was blowing as loud and hard as I could as he came closer, then an 18 wheeler came up from behind me.  Don’t panic, the truck did not hit the dog.  He just got between me and the dog and it stopped! Yea, Rona 1, Dog 0.  By the way he was not a huge, angry dog but in my mind, that’s what I saw. He was actually a white, fluffy, mid-size dog ! Ok, now you know I am afraid of dogs!!! Too many bites…..
Arrived at the Days Inn and was greeted by the Alzheimer’s Association of Las Cruces. They brought balloons and treats, including their mascot Lizzy the stuffed lizard for me to take on my journey.

I am inspired by your support and prayers !
Love Rona


6 thoughts on “Day 16: Hello, Las Cruces!

  1. Love your new friend Lizzy and so happy the Alzheimers gang came to visit. Thinking of you
    and you are doing so GREAT!! Love,Judy

  2. Hey Girl I’m following your blog everyday and I’m with you. How wonderful that those folks Met you and gave you Lizzy! Are you getting my comments on your Blog? I trust that you are? 5 days and you will be at the end of three Weeks… Wow. Keep it up, you are amazing! Love, Jamie

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  3. Think I asked if you had had any encounters with unfriendly animals in an e-mail to you a while back. Now the answer is yes. Be safe and keep blowing the whistle when in danger. Beware of unfriendly critters.

    Stay safe and keep us posted. Thanks for making us proud of your efforts to raise funds for the ALZ. ASSOCIATION.

    Nancy S.

  4. Hello “My Friend” yep it’s Brenda Joyce. We watched Mike Huckabee last night and he promoted research on ALZ. and gave some interesting stat’s on the health care involved in taking care of ALZ. pt.s He reminded Americans how polio was affecting our children back in the 50″s and how we got on the ball and did our research and came up with a cure, and he said the same could be done for ALZ. Sooooooo keep on biking and gathering those stories and thanks for sharing what your Dad told you. I liked that. Still praying for you and your gals. Love, Brenda Joyce

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