Day 18: Taking it easy

We left El Paso on a bright sunny cool morning. We left a little late to miss the crazy El Paso traffic; they don’t seem to like bike riders!!! We rode 52 miles flat and no wind–a very relaxing ride. Kind of scary–makes you wonder what kind of ride is to come!

Day17-5We saw lots of pecan trees.  It must be the capital of pecan growing trees!  We saw a herder with a herd of goats grazing on alfalfa. Lots of Mexican poverty along the side of the road as we peddled. Once again, I am reminded of how grateful I am for the blessing I have in my life.

We peddled to our hotel for the night, the only hotel in Ft. Hancock.  It is really a motel– in fact, under any other situation, I would have peddled right by it, but the next place to stay is 75 miles away! Old and run down does not describe his hotel. To use the shower you have to hold the button that makes the water come out from the shower head so it was one handed showering!!! The good news is it is only for 1 night.

Tomorrow is another day and I will see you in my blog tomorrow.
Sweet dreams!





2 thoughts on “Day 18: Taking it easy

  1. The motel sounds bad but your riding is great!! i know you love your m & m’s., Eat lots of
    those for extra energy. Rest up and take care….Love,Judy

  2. Rona Another place you can add to Your memories and really, you never have to stay there again:) I remember one such place In Paris, Texas and I’ve never stayed there Again. I have it pressed in the pages of My life’s journal:) we just have to remember That NO MATTER where the place is or what It looks like someone there is struggling With Alzheimer’s. You are more than doing your part and I know both of your parents Are very proud, just like we are proud . Ride with joy and a grateful heart. Love, Jamie

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