Day 20: Making do

I dedicate this blog to all the staff of the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Each of you are amazing in your dedication to the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. I am inspired to do this bike ride because of your support and help in getting word of my efforts to the public.

We left Van Horn, Texas bright and early for a 90 mile ride to Ft. Davis, Texas. After yesterday’s ride in a monster headwind, I hoped I had enough steam for more climbing. We rode 39 miles on Interstate 10– crazy, but good shoulders. I ran over a piece of tire from a truck on the shoulder and at a rest stop I found the little piece of wire from the tire. I did what any good dental hygienist would do, I pulled it out with my teeth.

By the grace of God, I did not get a flat over the next 51 miles. We had a nice prepared lunch and I used that fuel to ride the many hills to reach Indian Lodge, a quiet spot for our rest day tomorrow!!  My whole body will enjoy a day of peace and not sitting on a bike saddle!
Eating lots, drinking lots (Gatorade) and always appreciating your support.
Today is the last ride of week 3!

photo (3)

To date, you all have helped me raise $5,898 of the $10,000 goal.  Only $102 and we’re at 60%!!  Thank you for your investment into ending Alzheimer’s!!!



2 thoughts on “Day 20: Making do

  1. Rona… Flossing with tire wire is a little hard core. I’m just saying. As your patient, I need to tell you that I won’t be doing it. 😨 Continued blessings on your ride!

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