Day 19: May the wind always be at your back. No. Really.

I am dedicating today’s blog to my pal Michele Beresh.  You see many years ago we ran a marathon together.  I was her coach, and there was a very strong wind in her face.
She was struggling and I told her the wind was good because ‘it forces your lungs to fill faster and makes you run better’. Of course it was bull, but I was trying to encourage her to run!!
Well payback is HECK because after waking up to my first flat tire (at least I was still in the hotel), a thorn in my tire was the least of my ride issues.  We had a 75 mile ride to Van Horn, Texas with 30 to 35 mile an hour head winds the entire 75 miles. The thoughts of what I told Michele made me smile but I also realized that this was my payback!!!! SORRY PAL….
Without a doubt, this was our hardest ride yet.  No wind break and I had to dig down deep to finish as my friend Jeannie from Maine and I only averaged 10 mph. It was great to have her to ride with because I knew we would not give up while working together!
Tomorrow is a 90 mile ride to Ft. Davis, Texas.  We are staying at a state park lodge and have a rest day!!! I am hoping for tailwinds–Please !!!!!

Day19-1 Day19-2


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Every cent goes to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Thank you, my friends for your amazing support! I needed it today and you helped me through the windy ride!!


4 thoughts on “Day 19: May the wind always be at your back. No. Really.

  1. Rona,
    Know it was hard, but YOU DID IT.
    You for you that you ride with Jeannie, those Maine girls are a hardy group!!! You must be improving, one day last week you ride 7 mph. You are doing awesome and you can do this!
    Think about the mts, lake and kayaking, and just being in the moment. YOU ARE DOING GREAT.
    Keep your eye on the prize.
    We got your back, love, Jamie

  2. Welcome to my time zone, sis. Running in the wind sucks, too, but we just do it because, well, I decided to stop hating the wind and just let it give me the face lift I so desperately need but will never have. Whew, winds are really picking up here. There goes my deck furniture! Tomorrow’s rest day should be wonderful. Enjoy and keep riding. Love ya,

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