Day 21: Three weeks down!

Today is the official 3 week mark of my bike across America trip and
it was a rest day in Ft Davis, Texas. I did not go to the McDonald Observatory, although we biked by it yesterday.  I did not go hiking, I did not take a walk, I did not take a swim, I did *nothing* but rest….. Again, that’s not typical me, but we have 7 days coming with no rest!!!

I did talk to our friend Tony Macrini at WNIS and updated him on air about this journey and the support of those fighting for a cure for Alzheimer’s.
Sorry about no pictures, but we are too far from access to send pictures.  Stay tuned!
Oh, I did give my bike a good cleaning and got all the road grime off from yesterday’s ride on the damp roads.  She deserves the best!!!
Now I know what it takes to make me rest!!!  Miles and miles of bike riding in strong headwinds or mountains to climb!!
Miss you all and as always you are keeping me going!


5 thoughts on “Day 21: Three weeks down!

  1. Hope you got your much needed rest and are ready for the 7 consecutive days of biking facing you. Had any peanut M & M’s recently? Know that is a favorite snack food of yours.

    Take care and stay focused and strong.

    Nancy S.

  2. Rona You really should rest every chance you get. You are doing AWESOME, and we are so proud of you. Your parents are looking down on you with a big SMILE. I hope you are getting our posts to your blog Daily? You are doing something that a lot Of folks would talk about doing… You are doing it!! Take care of you

    Sent from my iPhone. Love, Jamie


  3. Thank you, Rona for the sacrifice you are making to spread the awareness of Alzheimer’s and need for funds.
    My twin sister was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s four years ago at the age of 47. It is my hope and prayer that a cure is found SOON.
    God Bless and Stay Safe,

  4. Rona, I spoke to you on the phone a couple of days ago about the foundation I started. I think what you are doing is incredible and I look forward to following the rest of your journey. You are an absolute inspiration to me and so many others. Keep up the amazing work you are doing! Thank you for being so awesome!

    The Multiple Aneurysm Awareness Foundation

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