Day 22: An evening to myself!

I am dedicating my blog today to my dear Joanne who is living with Alzheimer’s and her amazing, loving daughter Lisa. You, my wonderful Joanne, are my strength to fight for a cure, and Lisa you inspire me with the love and care you give to your mom everyday of your life.  You were there for me with my mom and I will never forget your support.

photo (4)

After a challenging ride into Ft. Davis,  poor internet connections and a needed rest day the winds were finally with us en route to Marathon, Texas.  60 miles in 3 hrs. 10 min. I almost felt guilty for the boost, but quickly remembered the 75 miles into a headwind, and thanked God for the help.  One thing is for sure–Texas is always windy in one direction or another!!!

photo 4 (2)
I have a single room for tonight in the historic Gage Hotel in Marathon Texas charming and rustic. Dates back to the 1927…..

photo 1 (3) photo 3 (3) photo 2 (3)
Feeling good and I think I have found the sweet spot on my bike saddle (it only took 3 weeks).  Or it could be because I bought the saddle right before I shipped my bike to San Diego and only rode on it 2 times–another rookie mistake!!

photo 5

Never forget how much each of you mean to me and this experience, I could not do this without YOU!!
Thank you all for the donations to Alzheimer’s and words of prayer!  For that I am grateful.  Thanks to you all, we are over $6000!

Love Rona


One thought on “Day 22: An evening to myself!

  1. Rona,

    You are amazing and what you are doing is an inspiration to all of us who follow you on this path to find a cure for this awful disease. All of us here at home are VERY proud of you and the journey you are taking to help get the word out. On another note, I am very HONORED and PROUD to be your friend. Be safe and have a great ride!!
    Love ya, MA

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