Day 23: They can’t ALL be good days..

photo 4We left the beautiful Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas and rode 55 miles to a town (not sure it is a town since most of the businesses are closed) of Sanderson, Texas. Just when you think the motels can’t get worse than Ft. Hancock, BINGO!!! Gross is an understatement. ….But it was this or ride another 110 miles to Del Rio, our ride for tomorrow. The ride today was another headwind, same desert landscape, and I was frustrated to say the least, or just tired. I guess I am allowed a hard day, but the gross motel doesn’t help.. Tomorrow is another day and I will try and refocus!!

photo 2photo 1photo 3Unloading our bags at the end of the day

The positives are, my bike buddies are really nice, it’s not raining, nice temperature, and most importantly, I have been getting great support from those of you supporting my ride for Alzheimer’s. That said, a good sleep and I will do my best to ride 110 miles (my longest ride ever) tomorrow to Del Rio.
With appreciation,



5 thoughts on “Day 23: They can’t ALL be good days..

  1. Rona,

    Not a good day for you because you are tired, but everyday you knock another day down, YOU
    ARE BUILDING UP THE FUNDS AND AWEARBESS FIR ALSHIEMERS!!! I think today will be your longest ride and you can do this!!!! So very proud of you. I could have done it with you when I was 30 but not now, so keep those little legs moving:) think fun thoughts and know that we are with you.
    Love ya

  2. Hang in their Rona!! The Awareness you are doing is so appreciated and so important!! Thanks for taking one for the team! We will END ALZ!!

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