Day 24: Back in the saddle and better than ever!

photo 1Good thing I went to bed last night at 7:30 pm.  I had a low day so I needed to recharge my batteries and refocus. Today I woke up feeling like my old self –YEA !! We rolled out of the gross hotel at 7:45am for a 108 mile riding day unfortunately into 20-30 mph headwinds again. I had never ridden a bike 100 miles at one time.  They call it a century so it was a big day for me!  Of course, very nervous again, faced with the unknown. We started as the sun rose because it was a 108 mile day to the hotel in Del Rio. Let’s not talk about the hotel..again.  I will let you know when we stay at a nice one again!!  We got into a line–Jeannie, Twila, Ellen and me to form a pace line to help each other with blocking the wind.  We took turns in front pulling.  The funny part is they are all little people, so blocking the wind was minimal…but we did it!  Finished in 10 hrs. 30 min. In 20-30 mph headwinds. There were 5 riders that made it in before sunset.  Our group was so excited!!!

photo 2
So for me in the biking world, it was an awesome day.  I did my first century in they said the toughest conditions. Now I am closing my day by writing to you and again as always thank you for you amazing support!
Though my ride today was something I will never forget, it seems so trivial in our battle for a cure for Alzheimer’s. Thank you for the many donations for Alzheimer’s to date and I pray they will continue to come in to complete this journey of a lifetime. This is week 4 , halfway on our ride is Friday April 4th , and we will still be in Texas!!!!
With love


2 thoughts on “Day 24: Back in the saddle and better than ever!

  1. What a great ride despite the headwinds! Proud of you for making a century yesterday. Do hope you will soon have good accommodations –preferably tonight. Keep us posted.

    Nancy S.

  2. Rona
    After yesterday you can do the next
    4 weeks, not to worry. Yesterday sounded really hard. You now have a CENTURY behind you. It is really
    Neat to think about all the 1st in your life that you are experiencing!!!
    It is all so very awesome. I am so surprised about your accomendations . NOT GOOD, I really don’t understand that part of the trip???!! You are bigger than those motels so keep up the great work. Love , Jamie

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