Day 25: Rocky roads–and no, not ice cream

Many of my blog thoughts come as I am riding across America and today was no different. After our 107 mile ride yesterday (yes, I am still sore in many places), I thought of how researchers are working around the world to find answers to Alzheimer’s from drugs to cures. They hit many bumps in the roads of their work.  It may slow them down, but it does not stop them. They fight through the rocky spots and disappointments and keep going for a cure and to save the next person stricken with the disease called Alzheimer’s.  Today, our 45 mile ride had many literal bumps in the roads.  At times I thought my bike was going to fall apart but I kept going forward.  My head was bounced around and so was everything else, but onward we go. The thoughts of the researchers working through their challenges inspires me to take the bumps in stride and take each one at a time.
We are at Ft. Clark in –yes– still Texas !!!

photo 2 photo 1

$6,626 of $10,000!!




2 thoughts on “Day 25: Rocky roads–and no, not ice cream

  1. Hope your accommodations are better tonight and that you have a restful sleep. Have a good trip tomorrow.

    Nancy S.

  2. Rona
    I was so hoping with a shorter ride
    It would have been an warier day. Who would have thought it would
    Have been so rocky .i hope you get a good restful sleep tonight. I was going to call but realized you might
    Be sleeping. Have a good ride tomorrow and know that we are thinking of you daily!!!
    Take care of you . Sending love and Supporting you. Jamie and Ellen

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