Day 27: Ticking away the miles..and the hills!

Today’s blog is dedicated to my Southeastern Virginia Alzheimer’s Association friends that are going to the Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC.  Thank you for being our voice and taking your time to let Congress know we so deeply need their help to find the answers to Alzheimer’s Disease.  Safe travels, and know I will be thinking about you and praying that your voices are heard.

Well, today we left Camp Wood on a damp, foggy morning…oh, what to wear? It was 70¡, so that helped make the decision easier.  Our usual routine begins with 7:30 am breakfast at the trailer.  I had my cereal with raisins, but this morning I added peanut M&M’s because our room (don’t ask) did not have a working coffee maker (no caffeine!!) It’s OK..It was probably too dirty to use anyway.  We began the Texas Hill Country (as it’s called for a very good reason).  But I like the hills–they make me focus on the cause I am riding for and that gives me the strength to reach the top!

photo 3 (5) photo 2 (5) photo 1 (5)

Fox Fire Cabins (the closest I want to come to camping) is our stopping point for today.  I am eating my usual lunch–a peanut butter sandwich I make everyday at morning snack table! Oh, and nuts for sure!!  Shower completed!  I am thinking about the 80 mile ride for tomorrow–again, Hill Country–to Fredericksburg (YES, STILL) Texas and then a rest day on Friday. Some old NN friends, Barry and Mindy, that live in San Antonio are driving up to spend Friday with me in Fredericksburg. That will be fun to have a visit and just hangout!
Please feel free to share my blog etc.  Donations are greatly appreciated!!  Everything goes to the Alzheimer’s Association.
Thank you as always for your amazing support!
Oh–tomorrow is the halfway day!  WOW!!!
Miss you
Love , Rona

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4 thoughts on “Day 27: Ticking away the miles..and the hills!

  1. Glad to hear you had some peanut M & M’s. Still your favorite snack?

    Wishing you nice accommodations in Fredericksburg. Will be nice to connect with some friends. You will really have a nice goal tomorrow to reach that area in record time. At last a day of rest.

    Stay focused. Thanks for your efforts.

    Nancy S.

  2. Wow…almost halfway there and no coffee this morning!! I know how u love your coffee!
    You were my inspiration when I had 2 MRI”s today. When I felt anxious, I thought of you &
    how hard you are riding for such an important cause.And then…I got through it just fine.
    Love & prayers…..Judy

  3. Hey girl
    Rocky roads, gross motels, no coffee and peanut M&M’s for breakfast, WOW, sounds like a journey I want to start on tomorrow, HaHa. You are making new memories and you are riding
    For the disease we all think of when we can’t find our car keys!
    I shared your ride with one of my friends today and she wanted the address to donate. We are thinking of you everyday. Keep on keeping on! Sending love, jamie

  4. Thanks Rona! We miss you too! We will be sharing your story while we are D.C. and hopefully you will gain a few more followers. Take care and safe travels.

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