Day 28: HALFWAY!!!

I dedicate this blog to our Alzheimer’s planning committee of 6 years and our new steering committee. To have as successful an event as Walk To End Alzheimer’s, it takes committed, passionate individuals and indeed, that is exactly who they are, a blessing to the Southeastern Virginia Chapter and our Peninsula Walk. Thank you my friends!!!!

Today was an interesting ride of 80 miles. It was along country roads passing many ranches mostly cattle, and some sheep. Traffic was minimal and that is always a treat. We are still in Texas hill country so there were plenty of hills. For some reason I like climbing hills.  Maybe it’s because you can make up more miles on the downhills. You can really get going on those downhills, but 36 mph is scary on a bike!!!

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1
Tomorrow is a well needed rest day thank you God !!
Thank you for all of your support and embracing our fight against Alzheimer’s


3 thoughts on “Day 28: HALFWAY!!!

  1. Thank you Rona for being the fearless leader of this Peninsula Walk Committee. We could not be as successful as we are without your leadership. Love ya

  2. Rona,
    Tried getting you back tonight
    But really Glad we were able to chat for A bit today. You are half finished. WOW, this whole journey is just Unbelievable. You are doing GREAT.!!! What a wonderful tribute
    To your ALZh. Chapter. You are an
    Inspiration to us all. You are raising
    AWARENESS and that’s what we need. When I go and visit with my friend Doris (a friend’s mother and a retired librarian) I realize how desperately we need funding. We seem to get it for other
    diseases and this one is also so
    Necessary. Some days Doris seems cheerful as she responds to me with words that have no connections . The very fact that sometimes she still has a smile on her face, and speaks real words makes me realize that we need all the funding we can get. The bottom line is ” we can all become
    “A Doris” during our lifetime. Keep
    Riding Rona, we are with you.
    Safe travels and Love, Jamie and Ellen

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