Day 31: Strength from our numbers

(Posted a day late – Day 32 blog coming right up!)


We left Austin in a small group and it was not long before we missed a turn, it was cold and started to rain! We found after asking for help with directions, that there is no problem with asking. We found an alternate route that connected us back with our route and we think we saved a few miles! Stopped at the support car (SAG) and it started to rain really hard and thus began my downward spin. I got really cold and of course wet! Not a good combination especially on a bike! We found a gas station food mart and a few of us stopped quickly. I got some hot coffee, but got scared as I shook from the cold. Some ladies headed out and I considered a bump call it quits for the day. One lady, Mary Slade stayed with me awhile longer and thanks to her support, I decided to go for it. She gave me the strength with her support and I made it to the next SAG stop where she had extra clothes stored. Her kindness continued as she offered and I took her extra clothes. I had never ridden a bike in the cold and rain, so chalk up another new experience for this rookie rider. All ended well for me, as I am writing you this laying in a nice hotel bed (Hampton Inn) waiting for the washer and eating kettle corn I bought in Fredericksburg–yes, Texas.


I am grateful today for Mary Slade and the blessing of God taking care of us during this challenging day. As always I am grateful for your love and support I drew on it today for sure!!!!
I am also grateful for reaching $7216 to my goal of $10,000 for Alzheimer’s Disease.



4 thoughts on “Day 31: Strength from our numbers

  1. So glad you have a warm, pleasant place to stay tonight. You certainly deserve a good night’s rest. Love kettle corn. Hope yours was good.

    Praying that your ride tomorrow will be more normal without bad weather to contend with and that you will have another pleasant night’s lodging.

    Thanks for your efforts to raise funds for Alz. awareness and fundraising.

    With gratitude,

    Nancy S.

  2. I have been waiting for a cold wet ride and I see it finally arrived. This is the first time I remember you mentioning rain. If you had a little fat on those bones ( like me) it would have helped a little. 🙂
    So happy your friend had extra clothes . You are still doing this
    And I am soooooo proud of you.
    Keep your chin up and your eye on the prize!! Love ya, Jamie

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