Day 32: Blue skies are here again!

Monday’s ride, April 7

photo 2
I have recovered from the cold wet ride on Sunday thanks to hot tea and a good dinner and sleep!!  I learned about putting newspaper in wet shoes, and after doing it 3 times and checking them in the morning, they were good enough to wear today!
Today, we had a pleasant ride to La Grange-yes, Texas– a town of about 4,000. Rode through Bastrop State Park.  Lots of rolling hills.  Some I stood up on, but remember, I like the hills and their nice diversity.

It was cloudy and cool but not RAINING. As we rode the quiet roads to La Grange, the blue sky started to appear.  I found myself smiling as my friend and I peddled at a good clip to the Best Western Plus (yes, another nice hotel)!!

Every morning, we can pack snacks. Lots of choices today, so I had my peanut butter sandwich and banana for lunch.  I even threw in some Sun Chips– I know I am getting a little wild with adventure eating!!!

A good hot shower and today I am thinking about those from home that traveled to DC to speak to our congressmen about the need to fund Alzheimer’s research NOW.  I am with them in spirit just as we all are, hoping for the funding to find answers and ultimately a cure. Safe travels, my friends.  As you journey home, I will wait to hear about what happened and which representatives had an open mind!!
We will leave La Grange tomorrow for an 80 mile ride to Navasota–yes, Texas– and then a rest day.  It is very green here in these parts of Texas, ranches everywhere.  We even have cows staring at us as we pedal past them!  About 10 deer ran across the road in front of us today–pretty cool!  Lots of wild flowers, too.  In fact, I actually recognized one from my yard (primrose, I think, pink).  Oh, I had my first experience of being stopped by a train on my bike!!!

photo 1
Be well my friends, I miss you and I am so grateful for your support !!
Alzheimer’s fundraising :$7336 to goal of $10,000


4 thoughts on “Day 32: Blue skies are here again!

  1. Glad to hear the blue skies have come back. Have a great ride today and enjoy the scenery – even if it is still Texas!!! Be safe!

  2. Rona, you are quite the inspiration for all of us to do our best to raise awareness and funds. I remember Bastrop from my younger days. Yup….hill country is what we called it. Keep up the GREAT adventure. Love hearing how its going with you and the other awesome ladies.

  3. Hi Rona
    It was cool and lots if rain here yesterday too. This morning is trying to give way to a little sunshine. The pear trees, and cherry trees are in full bloom and the dogwoods are thinking if peeking their heads . As I picked some of my daffodils to enjoy inside, I thought of you. I was so hoping you would get to enjoy some wild flowers of the west. To see some spots of color among miles of pasture us a blessed reminder that God is traveling with you on every mile. I believe that this journey was a calling and quest for
    You. Keep your face to the sun and the wind at your back!! Love, Jamie and Ellen

  4. Hi Ro,
    Cloudy weather here, but warm thoughts of you and what a wonderful job you’re doing for Alzheimer’s research. I think of your numerous times throughout the day wishing I could just pick up the phone and talk to you.
    Stay strong, be happy, meet lots of new people and share your story as you listen to theirs.

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