Day 33: Out in the Great Wide Open

photo (11)

Today is Tuesday, April 8th, and I made it safely to Navasota–yes, Texas–safe and sound!

photo 1 (7)
We left the Best Western Hotel in La Grange and followed some quiet two lane roads,  some busy, truck-filled two lane roads, and a country road.  70 miles in total, and at last, our Best Western in Navasota!!  Today, the sky was a beautiful blue the whole way with lots of cattle ranches, horse farms, and a few pesky DOGS!  My bike buddy today Sally had her whistle ready and a load voice.  I did not have my whistle handy, and I can’t yell loudly so she kept us safe!!!

photo 3 (6) photo 2 (7) photo 5 (2)
It’s interesting that people I meet say, “Are you having fun?”  Fun, that’s a funny word and I am not sure where it finds it’s place on my journey.  I find words that come to my mind are words like ‘purpose’, ‘awareness for a cause (Alzheimer’s)’, ‘challenging’, ‘personal introspection’, ‘personal reflection’, ‘cautious’, ‘grateful’ and ‘blessed’!  Yes, there are fun moments with a nice group of women, laughs, shared stories, getting to know women who were strangers 5 weeks ago, but for me, it is the bigger picture and the deeper journey I hope to hold onto for a lifetime.

Thank you as always for your love and support I treasure it everyday!!

photo 4 (3)


4 thoughts on “Day 33: Out in the Great Wide Open

  1. Loved your blog today…the words u used make up for the loving,caring Rona that I love.You are an incredibly strong & inspiring woman. Now I think you’re Wonder Woman!! Keep going Rona!!!

  2. Rona Maybe you could ride for the rest of your life in Texas and stay I. A motel 6 🙂 so glad you Are staying at another best western. Yeah! Sounds like you and the other ladies are settling in and enjoying one another’s company. That ‘s a good thing the have someone

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    • I ending hitting the send button before I was finished..sorry! Keep on keeping on, we have got your back. I will try to call you again soon. Stay strong
      And safe!!!! Sending you love, jamie

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