Day 34: Rest and outreach


Today was a rest day in Navasota–yes, Texas–and a very special one indeed. My day started slowly with coffee in the room and progressed to the hotel breakfast–good raisin bran and more coffee! I cleaned my bike–a regular event these days.
I had been contacted by local TV Channel 3 to do a news story on my ride for Alzheimer’s so Alex came to the Hotel at noon and we did an interview, lots of video, etc. She was great and will put the story on my page after it airs here. Then I walked to Subway for lunch.  I took a break from peanut butter for today!  Across the street was a Walmart and I decided to wander over.  Out front of the store was a guy on a packed bike.  I spoke to him–Curtis.  He is from Vancouver, Canada and he is biking to Florida, camping along the way. He is a caregiver for a large clinic for Alzheimer’s patients. I told him how much I appreciate what he does and we took some pictures. What were the chances of that!!!
I thought, how amazing, he is an aide for the disease which I am biking across America to *end*.
At 3:30, Amanda from the Houston area Alzheimer’s Association picked me up to go to city hall and meet the Mayor, Bert Miller. They arranged a group to gather for a proclamation given to me in appreciation for my efforts of biking for Alzheimer’s. The guests were wonderful and I was so proud to be representing our Association. I gave them all my Blog card to follow my ride to St. Augustine.

photo 2 photo 1
I finished a great day with dinner with some bike buddies at Pizza Hut!
Tomorrow is back to riding 75 miles to Cleveland–yes, Texas!!
Sweet dreams and again, thank you for your support and prayers!


2 thoughts on “Day 34: Rest and outreach

  1. Rona
    Hiw wonderful to meet and greet
    Some more people. I’m sure if was a relief to get off the bike fir awhile.
    Really neat that you were able to meet with the Mayor and with Curtis. You are making wonderful
    Connections fir this terrible disease.
    Are you riding through Allen ,Tx ? Let be know because Ellen’s nephew and family live there. I want you to keep riding and get
    Home before the bad weather of Spring hits. You are more than half way. Take a moment and reflect on all the miles you have riden
    And all
    The people you have met, how good it must make you feel!’ Keep your eye on the prize!!!! Love Jamie

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