Day 35: The day that did NOT go to the dogs..

Rest is over in Navasota, but the sky is a beautiful blue, no rain, great day for a 72 mile ride!
We are again in cattle ranch country and the cows seem to be hanging out by the fences as if to say hi, and where are you going?  Nice rolling hills and very green.  Reminds me of home, except it’s still dry.  No humidity yet, but I know it’s coming soon!!!
I rode with Twila, a riding buddy who is a great rider from Colorado.  We had a nice pace going and I enjoyed the company.  My picture is at our SAG (‘Support And Gear’ stop) and I am munching a banana–another one of my favorite biking foods!

photo 1My first dog issue came early before I hooked up with Twila (remember I am afraid of dogs) I saw this black dog about 100 yards away on the edge of the road.  I thought, God, please make this either a friendly dog or make him go away!!  Presto!  As I got closer I saw it was a huge black crow-like bird … for Rona.  The next one was 3 dogs.  As I rounded a curve, I saw them.  I was alone at this moment, but knew someone was not far behind me so I turned around and found Tina she said, “Are you ok?” I told her, “We have dogs!!!”  Together we rounded the corner again, Tina with her great NJ voice and me with a handful of nuts and M&M’s, and we approached the dogs.  She yelled (excellently) and I threw the nuts and M&M’s. Two for Rona!  The dogs retreated!!!!

Yes, it was painful to throw my favorite foods, but sometimes you just have to do it!!
Besides that, it was a pleasant day and we are at a very nice Super 8 Hotel–ok a *nice* Super 8 Hotel.  Snacking in front of the hotel on a beautiful day just seems right!

photo 2
Miss home, but my mission for Alzheimer’s is not complete and I have 3 weeks to reach my $10,000 goal for fundraising!!  Keep spreading the word!  We can do this!!!


4 thoughts on “Day 35: The day that did NOT go to the dogs..

  1. Thank God even dogs like snacks That are not the “human type”. Sounds like you had a great day for Riding. Just think, three weeks left And you are getting this done!! Every time I drive past a biker. I think “Maybe they are out for a nice ride” Unlike you who is riding 3000 miles To raise money for ALZH. Keep riding Rona, the road will rise up to meet you and I pray that the wind will be at your back. Until tomorrow…. Love , Jamie

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  2. Still thinking about you…am so thankful for your successes in riding in spite of some obstacles!!!! Keep on pedaling, Rona. We are so proud of you!!!!

  3. I am preparing my hands for our first session when you get home. Cant wait to hear some of the stories that you don’t have time to write about!

  4. You have been riding for over 5 weeks now and all of us back in Virginia are missing you, but thinking about the amazing job you are doing. All the monies you raise towards research in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s are funds that would not have been raised without you!!! Please know how much you are respected and appreciated.
    Sending love as you travel through Louisiana…..Farewell Texas:)

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