Day 36: Five weeks down!!

I am dedicating this post to all my Blog readers over the last 5 weeks!  And those of you who have just joined me on my bike across America for Alzheimer’s trip, no worries–I still have 3 weeks to go!!

Please share my Blog as it is my hope to reach or exceed my fundraising for Alzheimer’s goal of $10,000.  To date, I am at $7356…..
Checks can be sent to Alzheimer’s Association, 6350 Center Dr Norfolk, Va. 23502 Attention : Rona’s Ride. Or donate online from my Blog… any amount is appreciated!

Today’s ride was special as it is our last stop (don’t ask about the hotel) in Texas.  Tomorrow, we pedal into Lake Charles, Louisiana. About an 80 mile ride!

photo 2
So I left our Super 8 Motel in Cleveland–yes, Texas–around 7:50 am, headed down a busy (did I say **busy**) 2 lane road.  We were sharing it with trucks, 18 wheelers, open back logging trucks filled with pine logs and yes DOGS!! Today I was prepared with my whistle and of course some nuts and M&M’s to throw at them in an emergency!  I just want you to know, I am afraid of dogs. it’s not that I don’t like dogs I am just afraid of them! Ok, so there are two bike buddies ahead of me about 100 yards and I see the DOG but I could see he was limping in fact it looked like he only had 3 legs!  No problem, I thought.  Wrong! Here he comes and I put my whistle in my mouth (it’s now around my neck) and blew it–in fact YOU might have heard me! He is limping on 3 flipping legs, but boy can he run!  But BOY can I pedal!!  Remember the buddies 100 yards ahead of me?  Well now I have caught them!!!! 1 for Rona, 0 for the limping DOG…
I am grateful for a safe ride to the Pinewood Inn (don’t ask).

photo 1
It was a flat 63 mile ride today, our first one with really no hills.  Lots of green trees and of course we ride secondary farm or country roads when possible. Small town America in Texas! Tonight’s stop is Silsbee, population 6,000…….

photo 4 photo 3

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our safety # 1 …..


Our Cook, Kimberly

photo-5Her Kitchen!



2 thoughts on “Day 36: Five weeks down!!

  1. WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? Woof WOOF YOU GO GIRL, don’t you dare let a little Three legged pooch get the best of you. How bout carrying a couple of ham hocks, And chicken legs with you wrapped in cling With a firecracker tied to it???? Keep pedaling. We are still laughing. Anne said to tell you that she sent a donation yesterday. Love ya, Jamie, Ellen and Anne

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