Day 37: Hellooooo, Louisiana!!!

Today is Saturday April 12 and we have  finally biked out of Texas (20 days) and are in Louisiana.

photo 3
Lake Charles is our location in the southern part of Louisiana … I buddied up with Twila and rode 76 miles.  Very green, farms, large yards, remote locations, lots of trees, and we crossed lots of bridges even saw a parade!  There is a lot of standing water off to the sides of the roads, must be breeding mosquitoes?? Hope they don’t fly north to Virginia!!!!
We are staying at a very nice Comfort Inn–yea!!!!

We are traveling through flat country so the pedaling is much easier!  I ordered a rain jacket and it arrived at the hotel today there might be some rain heading our way. I will be better prepared this time!!
Thank you for sharing this journey with me and supporting my ride for Alzheimer’s
Raised to date $7535 toward goal of $10,000.

photo 2

Twila and the Country Parade

photo 1

Is that a –black bear???



6 thoughts on “Day 37: Hellooooo, Louisiana!!!

  1. First the dogs then a freakin bear!!!! Bet you are looking like good eating to the varments in the wild LoL. Take care, ride carefully and I will see you soon:-)

  2. Did the bear keep his or her distance? Hope bears like peanut M&M’S. Keep them handy at all times.

    Bike safely through the inclement weather. Know it will present a new challenge.

    You are making such a positive impact. Love the positive vibes. Have a great biking day.

    With gratitude,
    Nancy S.

  3. Hey
    On my Computer it did not look like a real bear? If you do run into one, use you whistle . I don’t think you will run into a bear but maybe
    A “bare” dog!!!
    I am so glad you are in Louisana, finally out if Tx. So glad you got a rain jacket that will also help protect you from some wind. If you are in rain putting sunglasses on will cut down on glare and you can often see a lot better? Just a helpful Hint. I have been really surprised you have not had bad weather before now. It is going to 83 here in Rich. today then possible frost in the next two nights. Go figure!
    You are on your downhill spiral
    Now. It’s awesome. What towns
    Are you riding through Miss.? Please let me know. I have some family in a couple of small towns. I was born in a small town known as
    Magee, Miss. Today is Sunday and I am sending you travel prayers today. Enjoy your change of scenery!! Until tomorrow… Love, Jamie

  4. Yeah out of Texas!!!! Enjoy the flat roads and the scenery, be safe my friend!!! I am proud of you and pray for your safety from the natural elements along the way. Love ya

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