Day 38: ‘Mud bugs’??

Sunday’s ride, April 13

photo 1
We got an early start for an 84 mile ride into Lafayette, LA because we knew winds 20-30mph were coming as the day progressed.  It looks like some rain and possible thunderstorms for tomorrow’s 94 mile ride into St. Francisville, LA . We have a rest day on Tuesday so we want to get there safely? So far, Louisiana is very swampy, and the ditches on the side of our bike roads are filled with standing water.  I saw little crab-like bugs running around–yikes!!!  We must be at or below sea level. I will let you know tomorrow when it rains!!

photo 3 photo 2photo 4
I checked in to our hotel, Discovery Inn, and was talking to a housekeeper.  She told me her sister has last stage Alzheimer’s in her 60’s and their Mom died of Alzheimer’s in her 60’s. Their father’s brother was also a victim of Alzheimer’s. The stories go o …….
I am resting from our ride today.  It beat me up, so I will say till tomorrow!!
Thank you for your amazing encouragement.  It is appreciated…


5 thoughts on “Day 38: ‘Mud bugs’??

  1. Mud bugs are nothing. Wait til you see the gigantic cockroaches that can fly aka the state bird of Florida. Keep safe and wear lots of sunscreen.

  2. Pedal, pedal faster and get through that swampy state! Keep up the great work Rona, you are amazing and an inspiration to me and many others :))

  3. Good Morning

    Glad you were trying to
    Get some rest. Doesn’t sound like riding in the wind and rain will be exciting ! You are riding as I write this to you on this beautiful Monday
    Morning. We are going to have rain tomorrow. Please try to
    Eat. You look thin in the photos. You are doing an amazing job and you are getting it done. Not as long as it has been. Will be anxious to hear how today’s ride goes. Be safe! Sending love, Jamie

  4. Hey Rona- Looks like you are haing a great time. I ust read through your lates week of stories! I am so thankful and amazed at what you are doing. Hope you have good weather for the rest of your journey. Thanks for all you do!!!

  5. I am so in awe of your perseverance and dedication in fighting for this cause. My mother is moving into the last stages of Alzheimer in her sixties. I have followed your journey since reading about it in ,”Missing Jim”. I just want to say thank you! For bringing attention and your continued fight!

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