Day 39: 100 miles closer!

photo 2Today’s ride got off to an ominous start with the threat of rain and a thunderstorm.  So I squeezed my new, recently ordered bike rain jacket into my bike bag and off I rode. It was a 95 mile day which turned into 100 with some poor directions on our cue sheet. Not to worry, though, I buddied up with Twila and Charlene and together along with asking a few folks, we found our way to the bridge to cross the Mississippi River. It was a great ride up the bridge and we stopped for pictures of the muddy river view!  Again we rode through countryside.  Lots of farms and crawfish–in fact, everywhere. They say it is the lobster of the South, and I say I will PASS.

photo 3 photo 1
I followed my bike buddies to the Inn that they are staying at and the other half of us are at the Greenwood B&B in separate cottages.  Mine is the Pond…can you guess why?  I have my own room and two other riders are sharing a room. We have a little living room, kitchen and porch that looks out over the POND!  I will post pictures tomorrow as it is thundering and raining now.  Supposed to be sunny and 44 tomorrow–that is fine for a rest day!  It has been warm and humid.  So we are spread out for the rest day in separate cottages and the Inn is about 3 miles away!
Look for my picture tomorrow as this B&B is on beautiful acreage.  As always, I think of everyone supporting my efforts and today, I used your energy at mile 67 when I needed a break.  We found an old country store in who knows where and I bought a REAL coke to have with my Peanut Butter sandwich!  Bingo!  I was revived and cruised the next 33 miles on your help!!!! Thank You

photo 4
Till tomorrow,
Happy Passover
Love Rona


7 thoughts on “Day 39: 100 miles closer!

  1. Had crawfish in New Orleans one time and really liked them. Trying any local cuisine? Might be too risky while biking.

    Glad you have a pleasant place to stay. Bridge looked scenic, but saw no traffic on it. Are you in a tourist area?

    Take care and enjoy your day of rest.

    Nancy S.

  2. Happy Passover,my friend! Enjoy the day of rest and relas on the porch watching the water. You are in inspiration all!!!

  3. Did I ever tell you I was the caregiver for my aunt Sissie who had Alzheimers for about 4 years until she died. What a hideous disease…Godspeed, Rona; we are so proud of you!

  4. Hey Girl
    Your trip
    Reminded me of a little song I sang with my grandpa when I was a little girl in Ms. “you take a line and I’ll take a pole and we will go down fishing at the crawdad(crawfish) hole”. I have eaten them but not one of my favorites:) I am sorry the great Ms River was so muddy. It is
    So very wide. I will see it next month when I go to visit relatives.
    Enjoy your day of rest. Love, Jamie

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