Day 41: How to dress for the occasion

Writing My Blog!

Writing My Blog!

Good Wednesday, my friends!  Sorry there are no pictures, well I did ask my roommate to take 1, but be sure I did ride.  Ask my saddle if you don’t believe me!!!!!  Just when you think it Is broken in, you have a day when you can’t wait to get OFF of it!!! It was an 88 mile day starting off very cold at 37 degrees–again, WHAT TO WEAR????  I just did the layer thing.  

The lucky number today was 4–a short sleeve jersey, long sleeve jersey, fleece, and bright colored windbreaker!  Bike shorts and long tights, two pair of socks, and gloves!!!  The good news is that by 20 miles I dropped the tights, the fleece and the gloves.  This may seem simple, but it is a science to dress for biking all day!!!!!

It was a good ride.  I pushed the first half and rode easy the second half and enjoyed the GREEN everywhere.  Nothing eventful, just areas of lots of traffic on very small roads, so I am very grateful to be at the hotel safely.  Tomorrow is our last night in Louisiana, and then we peddle to Mississippi on Friday, another new state for me.
I am happy to say my Alzheimer’s total is $8199 getting closer to my $10,000 goal–only $1800 to go!  Spread the word!!!!!
Thank you all for the support and encouragement–it makes me very grateful and blessed!
Love, Rona


6 thoughts on “Day 41: How to dress for the occasion

  1. Another state down and closer to home! It is an amaIng journey. I love it that you blog everyday so we feel like we are there with you. Love and prayers coming your way from Virginia

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