Day 42: Another Dogged Day

photo 2Thursday April 17
Today’s modest ride of 57 miles was met with the challenges of DOGS again..I lost track of how many times my buddy Twila and I were chased by all different types of dogs.  Of course, to me they all looked like Cujo (remember the movie).  Twila said I would be a good bike sprinter because I hear the first bark and my turbo bike pedals take over and I go into sprint/fear mode. I should have checked my heart rate monitor today I am sure there were lots of spikes!!!!

photo 1
Most of our ride was again country back roads and I thought about how much of our country is just like this–farms, modest and very small houses, very removed from the life that I experience in the city of Newport News.  We were passed by many trucks.  They seem like the primary mode of transportation in this part of the country.
We are at an ok motel called Traveler’s Rest (catchy name, yes?) in Bogalusa, LA. One more night in LA and off to Mississippi. I have never been to Mississippi, so stay tuned …
Several of my bike buddies are touched by Alzheimer’s, with parents and other family members. I am honored that some have shared their stories.  I hope this ride will help them know that people from coast to coast are working to find a cure and one day may we see a world without Alzheimer’s.
Fundraising totals to date: raised $8029 toward goal of $10,000
Thank you ALL for your support and prayers for safety !


4 thoughts on “Day 42: Another Dogged Day

  1. Glad to hear you made it safely to your lodging after another day of close calls with dogs. Keep your whistle and peanut M&M’s handy.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 23rd. What a great present if you could reach $10,000 in fundraising by that date!

    Stay safe and enjoy your ride into MS.

    With gratitude for all you are doing for the ALZ. ASSOCIATION,
    Nancy and Vince

  2. Good mon bing
    I am leaving for the gym in a few min. Don’t really want to go today but then I thought if you. I only have to do hill climbs and sprints fir 45 min on the bike at the gym so I decided to suck it up and go work out. Every day I think of you, I just can’t believe wgat you have already
    Done. Keep pedaling we are not
    About to let a dog over take you
    And mess up your journey. Buy a box if digs treats and throw those at em they would be happy for a snack and NOT ON
    YOUR LEGS. Today you are riding
    Into the Deep South. The folks in Miss. Are usually nice people. Think of me today because you are riding though my ROOTS today. Red clay,
    Cotton fields , down home cooking ,Spirtuals and country music and folks are proud to be Americans, all that being said…. Enjoy your ride.
    Ok , I’m off to the gym:(

    Anyone reading this comment today.. If you have not made a donation, please do it now for Ron!a’s Ride because she is doing it for all of us. Those who gave the disease and for those who are yet
    To get it. She has almost net her goal!!!!! Love you, Rona. Safe travels

  3. God bless you, Rona. We enjoy reading about your big biking adventure across this great land of ours…BTW, you are doing a great job with your posts. Enjoy this ride…you are getting to see America in a way that very few of us will ever experience. Savor every moment. I think this might be the genesis of a great book one day!
    Shannon & Rusty Woods

  4. Rona, my mom (Sharlene) is one of the riders in your group… from your blog it sounds like you’ve ridden with her a few times. I’ve been reading your blog and after reading my mom’s post from yesterday it sounds like the dogs are getting worse. I decided to do a little research to see what tips there are for dealing with dogs on a ride. I found most recommend some kind of pepper spray specifically designed for dogs.
    Here’s a link to one…

    Might be something you’d be interested in checking out. I suppose you just need to be sure not to spray your fellow cyclists.

    Enjoy the rest of your ride! You ladies are killing it!

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