Day 44: Passing through the Magnolia State

photo 1

Today started with a beautiful blue sky and 55 degrees–perfect temperature to start our 68 mile ride to Pascagoula, MS, our last stop before Alabama.  About half our ride was quiet and pretty flat, and then the heavy traffic came. Thankfully, people were very nice and passed with care.

photo 4 photo 3The accents here are *real* southern and sometimes hard to understand.  A few of us went to Waffle House next to our Super 8 when we arrived today.  Makes me think of home!!

photo 2 photo 2 photo 1


Our day tomorrow is only 41 miles into Dauphin Island, our only stop in Alabama. It’s a rest day on a beach in condos–such a far cry from our Super 8 tonight.  Short or long miles, I take each day seriously as there are always issues of safety, and I have to stay sharp.  Fundraising to date $8565 to my goal of $10,000
12 more days ……..
With respect and appreciation


2 thoughts on “Day 44: Passing through the Magnolia State

  1. Hey Rona,
    I know all about those deep southern accents. I spoke to one of my cousins today and I surely can relate to those accents! 🙂
    So glad it was a good ride for you
    Today and really happy that you have a nice place to rest today and
    This evening. I hope your have a good place tomorrow evening in
    Alabama. Less than two weeks left, can you believe it??? You have been amazing. I am so thankful that you remain safe and healthy .:)
    Keep you eye on the prize, you are
    Almost at the finish. I so Hope that
    You Continue to Have good weather and that you will
    Get Your goal of 10,000. You are almost there and really doing very well. I’m going to bed for this day
    And I will catch you on the wild side tomorrow. Sending you best wishes and prayers., miss you love
    You, jamie

  2. Will say an extra prayer for you at
    Church tomorrow. You are riding with an angel on
    Your shoulder:) 🙂 later girl

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