Day 46: Takin’ it easy before the home stretch

Monday, rest day in Dauphin Island, Alabama:
What a nice feeling to wake up whenever you want, no rush to eat, no dragging duffle bags, no dragging bikes outside, no checking tires, no making snacks, no trying to decide what to wear based on weather predictions, no reviewing cue sheets for directions hoping to not get lost, no stress of traffic–just our day at a nice Resort to do whatever!!! Thank you!!
Tomorrow we bike the 2.5 miles to a ferry we take to Florida and ride 57.5 miles to Pensacola.  9 more riding days and one more rest day before St Augustine.
I will continue to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s, but a day off sure was nice!!!
Thank you for your amazing support–I will need it for the home stretch!!!!


3 thoughts on “Day 46: Takin’ it easy before the home stretch

  1. Good for you . I glad that you had the day Off. Enjoy your ferry ride too!. Keep you chin up and take a while and reflect on everything you have fine so far. Think about the money you have raised, the reasons for your journey, The places you have seen. Last but not least Think about all the nice folks you have met And shared their stories . Be safe and know You have great support from all your friends At home. Until tomorrow, sending love and prayers. Jamie and Ellen

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  2. Have a very happy birthday and good biking day tomorrow as you celebrate your birthday on the road. Glad you had a much-needed day of rest yesterday.

    With gratitude and admiration,

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