Day 47: This one’s for you, Mom.

This is the Blog I have ridden across this country to write.
It is special because today is the 3rd anniversary of my Mom’s death to Alzheimer’s disease. My mom had no other illnesses, and I watched her body shut down as her brain shut down.
I watched this wicked disease take everything we all take for granted from my mother– walking, talking, dressing, grooming, going to the bathroom, eating, and the most painful, not knowing her family.  I only wish I could have talked to Mom when she first started getting sick, but we just did not know enough to understand what was really happening.  So she slipped away and then it was too late to say Good-Bye.
Today, I dedicate this blog to you, Mom, but please understand, MOM, you are sharing this dedication with every person living today with Alzheimer’s disease.  Today, I am a different person from your little girl.  I am a woman who will never stop fighting  to bring awareness to this tragic disease.  I will do that to honor YOU for the rest of my life.
Today we rode into Florida, stopping in Pensacola. I did not know it would be so emotional, but I can’t believe this is our last state and only 9 days till St Augustine.  I can only imagine that feeling and I continue to pray for our safety as that day approaches.
My fundraising to date is $9045 to my goal of $10,000
Please help me realize my goal with a donation of any amount !
Online or a check to the Alzheimer’s Association 6350 Center Drive, Suite 102 Norfolk, VA, 23502
With appreciation and respect


12 thoughts on “Day 47: This one’s for you, Mom.

  1. This entry has moved me more than any other so far, maybe because I knew your Mom and
    perhaps because I was able to watch what a caring, compassionate, loving daughter you
    were to her through to her dying breath. The inspiration you give to all of us and the words you so beautifully share with us make all of us, who know you, better people, kinder people
    and hopefully, more generous people. With much love, Jo

    • Jo thank you for sharing this amazing journey in print and on the phone. You kindness touches my heart and I am blessed to have a friend like you . Just know you mean so much to me and I can’t wait to see you in NN
      Love Rona

  2. Hello “My Friend” you are just amazing. You are like the “Timex” watch “You take a licking and keep on biking”!!! It has been great to follow your blog. Our prayers were answered and you all stayed safe, healthy, and out of trouble! It is amazing that everywhere you go you meet someone who has a loved on affected by this disease, and they share their stories with you. You could write a book. Look forward to seeing you when you get home and hearing all about the “rest of the story”. Keep on biking “My Friend”. Love, Brenda Joyce

  3. Still hoping you reach your goal by your birthday tomorrow. What a great present that would be! You are getting so close, too.

    Have a great biking day tomorrow. Stay safe and enjoy the day.

    Know today was quite emotional for you, but you made your parents proud.

    With gratitude beyond measure,
    Nancy S.

  4. Rona What a wonderful tribute to Your mother! She would be so very very proud of you. You have almost reached your Goal! If you don’t reach your monetary Goal(which I know you will) you have far Surpassed so many other goals in this life’s journey. You know we were going to celebrate Your and Ellen’s BD tomorrow with a party at your house. Lol what a way to spend your 60th BD. Happy Birthday tomorrow. Stay Safe. Sending you love, Jamie and Ellen

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Hmmmm, you, moms anniversary, my hometown (Pensacola), my grandmother, aunt, father in law all died with Alzheimer’s….small world. LOVE YOU…you make me better!

  6. Rona…We are all so proud of you! You Mom would be so very proud of you! Wishing you a wonderful Birthday and can hardly wait to see you!

    Pat and Jim

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