Day 50: Not done yet!


I had a tearful goodbye to my friend Pat who came to visit me in Marianna.  Then we pedaled out to Quincy, Florida, a moderate 54 mile ride with lots of rolling hills, which keep you on your toes. But even more alarming was the dog that showed up to chase my buddy and me.  Hey!  We are *not* in Louisiana or Mississippi!  Yikes!  You have never seen someone pull out their whistle as fast as I did on the chase. 1 rona – 0 dog!!!!! Moral of the story is, we are not finished with this journey, and I must keep focused !!!

So my last blog was late because I lost all yahoo connections and could not read or send emails for I think the last 24 hours so when I got to Quincy, I called Yahoo and was on hold for 60 minutes only to get a nice young man, Chris, and after 45 minutes, he helped me reconnect with a new password, etc, and here I am!  Another trial, and I won.  Another lesson in patience, and I won!!!!
Since I am writing this in the laundry room, and my clothes are dry, I will say “till tomorrow “!
With appreciation–and a finish in sight!!– thank you.


4 thoughts on “Day 50: Not done yet!

  1. Rona
    So good to talk with you this evening. So happy that your running friend met up with you. So glad you had a chance to catch up.
    Next Friday at hhis time you will be home enjoying Alan and Gus and sleeping in your own BED!!’ It will be so good to have you back in Va.
    Congratulations on surpassing your goal for Alzheimer’s . We all thank you. Continuing to send prayers for your health and safety. It will behind to see you and learn about your journey. Keep your eye on the prize. Love, Jamie
    Ellen too

  2. Rona,
    Wow! This journey of yours is something else! I look forward to your blogs every day as if I am in the middle of the best book I have ever read. As excited as I am for you to get back home safe and sound, I sure will miss my dily entertainment and inspiration. Even though we’ve only been friends a short time, I feel like i’ve gotten to know you and the depth and quality of your character. What a soulful, wonderful, thoughtful person you are!! Congrats on meeting your goal, and know that those of us who care for people with Alzheimer’s are so grateful to you! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s message!

    Love, Debbie (and Eric, too!)

    • Hi Debbie and Eric the basket was awesome and it is almost eaten I did not share the M&M’s
      Can’t wait to see you and the picture of the residents made me cry !
      Love Rona

  3. Hi Ro,
    So funny when YOU miss a day due to technical difficulties….all of us miss a day of
    “Rona reports” and we become out of sorts!!!
    You are coming down the home stretch now and seeing you back home in Virginia will
    be a glorious day for all of your supporters.
    We love you, stay safe, see you sooooon!!!

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