Day 51: One last rest stop

photo 2

I have arrived at my Saturday destination and we will be here for a rest day until Monday morning. Oh, we are in Crestview.  I am sure many of you have been here!!!  Our hotel is near nothing but woods so it is very peaceful.  Some of us stopped at a WalMart en route so we would have something for tomorrow’s lunch and snacks. Our cook makes dinners and they are great!!!

photo 1
One of the big differences in our rides since we got to Florida is the humidity and warmer temperatures. It makes deciding what to wear in the morning very easy.  Some of my bike buddies from up North think this is hot. I know better because summer is not here yet.

For those of you following my blogs–I guess that is you–thank you, and this long journey is almost over. We will be in Perry, High Springs, Palatka, and finally St. Augustine to finish this journey. The ritual with cross country bike rides is that we dip our back tire in the Pacific and the front tire in the Atlantic.

My ride for Alzheimer has reached $10,894 and hopefully will continue to grow as I get closer to home. Though my goal was reached on my birthday April 23 please help me finish strong.
With only 4 riding days to go, please continue to pray for our safety.  I really want to come home to you ALL.
Miss You
I will be on WNIS 790 with our Tony Macrini MONDAY at 6:30 am
I plan to be home May 2


3 thoughts on “Day 51: One last rest stop

  1. Thought of you today as we returned home from Blacksburg via the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Saw lots of bikers climbing the mts. Looked way too strenous to me. More power to you. Think a lot of bikers met in Buena Vista this weekend for a special event of some sort.

    Stay focused and enjoy the rest of your journey. Know you must be anxious to be home.

    Very proud of all you have done to bring awareness to the challenges of Alz.

    With gratitude, Nancy S.

  2. Rona
    Another day closer . You have reached your goal and so am so very happy. Hope you have a good rest day.
    Talked to Judy today and she is doing really well. She is staying in LA for at least another week. She
    Will be in good hands with
    Her boys. She sounded good. She meets with cardiologist on Wed
    Safe travels tomorrow!!
    Love, Jamie

  3. Not many days left but you
    Are still riding for your cause so keep the good work up. Reflect on
    All the folks that you have met and the stories they have shared with
    you. You are surely
    Paying it forward and I am so proud of you . I’ll catch you on you the wild side . Love, j

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