Day 52: What a rest day is–and is *not*

Sunday April 27–our REST DAY in Crestview Florida.

So what is a rest day like for me??????  Well, I will tell you first what A Rest Day is *Not*!!!!!
1. It is *not* setting an alarm for 5:45 am
2. It is *not* laying out your bike clothes the night before (hoping you guess the weather correctly).
3. It is *not* getting up and hoping both of your tires are hard and you did not have a slow flat over night.
4. It is *not* throwing on bike clothes in the dark because your roommate is not an early riser like me and stumbling down for coffee in the lobby (that’s in the nice motels).
5. It is *not* trying to eat the right breakfast to get you started on your ride depending on the distance.
6. It is *not* schlepping down your two bags (that have not gotten lighter over the weeks) to put on the trailer.
7. It is *not* schlepping your bike down the stairs, unless you were the lucky one to get a first floor room.
8. It is *not* checking tires and waiting for your favorite pump to pump them to your favorite pressure. Mine is 100 lbs.
9. It is *not* making a peanut butter sandwich.
10. It is *not* gazing over the snack table wondering what snacks you might need to make it to the end of a long ride.
11. It is *not* worrying you will be able to follow the cue sheet and make a wrong turn.

Waiting for the fog to lift

Waiting for the fog to lift

Do You Get The Idea Of A Rest Day my friends?! Needed and appreciated!!!!!!

So what IS a Rest Day?
For me, a rest day is a day to reflect on this journey.  What have I learned about myself and life?
I take time to think of the people that have touched my life. Why did I meet a stranger on a plane in August as I was heading home from visiting friends in Maine, who had done a cross America bike trip? Why did he inspire me to attempt such a journey?

A rest day is my day to process my appreciation for you and so many things in my life. I can reflect on just how grateful I am for all the donations raised for Alzheimer’s.  I can’t think of a better way to rest than to thank God for my all blessings!!!!!!

Tomorrow we are off to Perry, Florida, a 54 mile ride.
Please continue to pray for our safety as our trip winds down. More miles to go and more journey to embrace.

Till tomorrow


3 thoughts on “Day 52: What a rest day is–and is *not*

  1. So proud of you Rona…I have a gift for you when you get back. Will let you know how I will get it to you….maybe Thru Veronica…, Nan


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