Day 55: So close, I can TASTE IT!

I am so flipping excited as I checked my donation page–I just went over $12,029 today!!

photo 2 (14)


Right now as I sit in my Best Western hotel room, I am brought to tears for so many blessings. Going over my goal and the donations still continue (please, don’t stop now!!).  Some friends from home had a basket of some of my favorite snacks sent to my hotel room and it was delivered by chance by Ralph’s Florist (that was my DAD’S name).

photo 4 photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2)

Debbie even sent a picture of some residents at the facility where she works in Williamsburg, thanking me for my efforts. So many amazing words of encouragement, support and prayers that I could never thank you all enough, BUT I WILL TRY!!!!

IMG_0670 photo 3
Tomorrow, this physical journey will end (God willing) as we ride out from our hotel and wait for each other at a fire station a few miles from the St Augustine  beach. Together we will ride to the beach (police escorted)  for the front tire dipping in the Atlantic to signify the end of our 2 month bike ride across America.  Now you *know* I will tear up again (I won’t be alone).

photo 2 photo 4 (5) photo 3 (11)
So much has happened in the last 2 months and I hope my words have helped you gain a small part of what this experience meant to me. I will be processing this journey for quite some time.  By the grace of God, this has been an experience both physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, all while bringing awareness and raising donations to end the horrific disease with presently no way to prevent, or cure; Alzheimer’s disease.
Thank you for your patience.  2 months is a long time, but to journal this trip was so important because though I did the pedaling, you were with me every mile I rode. Alzheimer’s needs us all to fight, and to speak out loud because “IF WE DON’T WHO WILL”?
With love and appreciation

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5 thoughts on “Day 55: So close, I can TASTE IT!


    Ellen and I read your words out loud everyday And you have been amazing. I know at this point in time you can not fully comprehend What you have accomplished but for those if us in the outside, IT ‘S FLIPPING AWESOME. Can’t wait to see your pictures when those back tired are dipped into the Atlantic Ocean. You go girl, we still Have your back !!! 🙂 love, Jamie and Ellen

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  2. So proud of your accomplishments. What a ride across America!

    Thinking of you as you pedal your way to the Atlantic tomorrow. Know it will be a very emotional experience. We will be with you in spirit.

    You have done so much to call attention to ALZ. and the toll it takes on families. Blessings to you for all you have done.

    With our gratitude and admiration,
    Nancy and Vince

  3. My friend, as you ride these last few miles on a journey that has been emotional, spiritual and breathtaking, I know you will cherish the accomplishment you have made by the lives you have touched on your route, and by the lives you touched here at home. I am so PROUD of you that words cannot express, As these last two months have gone by and I have read your posts, know that I felt like I have been that little fly on your bike that has traveled the roads of America with you. You are a hero and in inspiration to everyone who knows you. Be safe and look forward to seeing you very soon.

    Love ya,
    Mary Ann

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