Day 56: St. Augustine!!!

Wow!!! We made to St Augustine on a warm, sunny and no wind day. What a blessing with all the terrible weather around us.

photo 2 (2)photo 3 (2)
We went to a beach and I dipped my front tire in the Atlantic, no small feat after biking 47 miles and having to schlep across a big beach to the water. But it was so worth every step to accomplish this journey SAFELY. To bring awareness to Alzheimer’s disease and meet so many kind and caring people along the way was amazing. I was greeted by the The Central and North Florida Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and they made the finish so very special!!! We had a great visit and a story was posted today in the health section of the St. Augustine  Record newspaper. I did another story for another local paper so we will be getting more press for our fight against Alzheimer’s.

photo 5 (2)We rode 40 miles this morning at our own pace and met up at a local fire station where a police escort took us to the beach. Pretty cool, we even  got to go through red lights.
We have a group dinner tonight to say goodbye and off to the airport bright and early.

I hope to be home to tomorrow at 3:39pm into Newport News/Williamsburg International  Airport!!!!

I can’t wait to see everyone and thank you all in person! Thank you for fighting the fight against Alzheimer’s with me and sharing my story it is something I will never forget!!

I am so truly Blessed to live in this wonderful country and to have had the opportunity to see it from the seat of a bike!!!! 

With memories for a lifetime,

photo 4

photo “She’s a real cyclist now!”

photo 2photo 3

photo 1


8 thoughts on “Day 56: St. Augustine!!!

  1. Yay, YOU ARE THE MAC MAMA, I am not worthy . We are so very
    Proud of you and to know you are safe and more than accomplished
    Your goal. What a blessing you are and have been to so many people along your journey. Will
    Be very anxious to talk to you when you get settled and are home. Again, you have accomplished something that most people will never do and never want too:)
    YOU DID IT WITH LOVE AND GRACE!!! We are smiling Bd sending love. Jamie and Ellen

    PS. Send me your flight schedule for tomorrow please

  2. Congratulations! I never doubted for a moment that you’d make it! Hope it was all you hoped for and more. Such an accomplishment! It would be ironic if you meet someone on the plane tomorrow and inspire them to make a similar journey, just as a fellow passenger did for you. 🙂

    • Thanks Cathy there is so much to process but one part I am sure of is riding for Alzheimer’s Disease was so worth every mile, every mountain and everyday away from home. Thanks for your support

  3. What an accomplishment! So glad you had a safe journey across America on your special bike.

    Will miss your nightly post. Many friends have enjoyed your journey. Thanks for all you have done to focus a light on ALZ. What a great public service!

    Wishing you a safe journey home tomorrow.

    With gratitude,
    Nancy S.

  4. This was a journey of inspiration for so many of us. The fight to find a cure for Alzheimer’s will continue and with YOU, as our able leader, we will raise more awareness, collect more money and strive to help both those affected by this insidious disease and those who are
    their caregivers.
    Thank you for sharing your life changing cross country trip with us.
    We love you and welcome you home!!!
    Love always,

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