Day 24

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Tuesday Meeting with the Amarillo Texas Alzheimer’s Association staff and volunteer Chad and Cassie at the end of my 91-mile ride today. They were amazing to come see me and share our passion to see a world without Alzheimer’s. Thank you for inspiring me and all that you do for the cause. Our visit made my day!!
I included pictures in Shamrock Texas last night at Vern’s Steakhouse with Vern and the Sheriff. Sights along our 91-mile ride with my bike buddy Lori. RONA 2 DOGS 0 but the first dog almost won took me a bit to catch my breath!!! 😏
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1 thought on “Day 24

  1. What is your daily snack diet? Must be a good one to out pedal those dogs chasing you.

    Stay safe. Always good to hear from those people along the way who are dealing with
    ALZ. in their families. Can be a daunting task.

    Stay safe.


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