On October 20,2017 I committed to doing another epic Bike Ride for Alzheimer’s Disease. My last adventure was Cross Country from San Diego Ca. to St. Augustine Fl. in 2014.  I will again be riding with WomanTours as we travel the famous Route 66. Our adventure starts in Chicago, Illinois on  April 29th and ends in Santa Monica, California June 16th approximately 2451 miles. Route 66 was constructed in 1926 as one of the original highways within the US Highway System.
My last experience was an amazing chance to see our country day by day on the seat of my bike. You really see and feel the country riding at a pace that allows you to reflect on the size and unique beauty of each state.
Riding for Alzheimer’s allows me to tell my story, meet people along the way touched by this horrific disease and listen to their stories. I will share these stories with you reminding us of the importance of our work to raise awareness and funds for our Vision of a World Without Alzheimer’s Disease.
I hope my training is on target to allow me to make a difference, and return home safely to share my stories of Route 66.
I will be riding in memory of those we have lost to Alzheimer’s Disease and in honor of those living with Alzheimer’s Disease.
Please help me by making a donation here!
Thank you for your support and I hope you will follow along on my journey!
Rona Altschuler

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  1. Hi. Looking for Rona, Lia Serasky’s niece (Palm Springs). If this is you please contact me. My sons Dana and Shaun are her nephews. The birthday card I sent was returned. Thank you. Cherie Brownell cbwfi@aol.com. 310-577-1942

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