Day 46: Takin’ it easy before the home stretch

Monday, rest day in Dauphin Island, Alabama:
What a nice feeling to wake up whenever you want, no rush to eat, no dragging duffle bags, no dragging bikes outside, no checking tires, no making snacks, no trying to decide what to wear based on weather predictions, no reviewing cue sheets for directions hoping to not get lost, no stress of traffic–just our day at a nice Resort to do whatever!!! Thank you!!
Tomorrow we bike the 2.5 miles to a ferry we take to Florida and ride 57.5 miles to Pensacola.  9 more riding days and one more rest day before St Augustine.
I will continue to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s, but a day off sure was nice!!!
Thank you for your amazing support–I will need it for the home stretch!!!!

Day 45: Living it up, Gulf Coast style!

April 20 Sunday

photo 3
Got an early start to a short ride 40 miles to Dauphin Island, Alabama to enjoy our day and rest day tomorrow at Dauphin Island Beach Club a timeshare Resort!!  We have 5 in our condo with a view of the Gulf on a sunny 75 degree day!!  We biked across a long bridge to the island, and when we leave on Tuesday, we will take a ferry to Florida on route to Pensacola!

photo 4photo 2 photo 1 photo
I had my peanut butter sandwich on the balcony and took a walk with Jeannie to a small market for some food for tomorrow (I found a subway so I am set for lunch for tomorrow). I really don’t like going out to eat, especially with the condo balcony view.   So, I am checking out at the register (with my bag of pretzels) at this tiny market and a woman behind me asked if we were biking? I told her about our trip and SHE asked if I was doing it for a charity. I told her my ride was for Alzheimer’s and I immediately saw her eyes tear up.  She told me her father-in-law died last year of Alzheimer’s and he was like a father to her.  Her name is Kimberly from Baton Rouge, visiting Dauphin Island for a little vacation. What a kind and special lady for the love she had for her father-in-law and how devastating Alzheimer’s was in her life, too!!!  My journey continues and people continue to find me who are touched by this horrible disease. I am grateful when I meet strangers touched by Alzheimer’s and blessed that they touch my life.

Know that each of you is a driving force in my journey and together we can make a difference!
With appreciation and love,