Day 12: Wheeeeee!

So, remember the really straight white line on the road with the fans blowing in my face that I was following in Arizona a few days ago in my blog? It went on and on?
Well, it was back today from Safford, Arizona and continued to Lordsburg, New Mexico, for 75 miles.

Except today the fans were blowing at my back.  Wow, I was peddling up to 27 mph on a flat road.  Wheeeeeeeee!!!  Lots of desert beauty–God’s creation–and lots of beer bottles, glass and trash–MAN’s creation.  Lots of signs in NM about DWI’s–must be a big problem.
My legs felt good today so they will be ready for our climb tomorrow to Silver City and then a rest day.
Now today’s Alzheimer’s story: I got up to call Tony Macrini at WNIS at 4:30am my time, and did a live spot about my ride.  I talked about the ugly Alzheimer’s disease and yes, Tony, riding on a bike saddle hour after hour can be challenging!!! The price I pay to spread the word..
Well, I started talking to the front desk clerk at our Days Inn. Danica told me her grandmother and two aunts had Alzheimer’s. I gave her my blog card and she donated online to my ride today. Thank you, Danica!  Even in a small mining town in Arizona, a lovely young desk clerk is touched enough donate to a total stranger. Bless you Danica!

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Another day, another story, another mile a day closer to Florida 😊
With love,

Please Donate!  Click or send a check to:

Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia

6350 Central Ave #102

Norfolk, VA 23502

$5498 of my $10,000 goal achieved!  THANK YOU!!

Day 11: Stretching myself to reach others

Day11-3We left Globe, Arizona on a crisp, beautiful, blue sky morning headed for our last stop in  Arizona, in the town of Safford. You probably think I am making these towns up but nay, nay, trust me, they are real, small, and everywhere around our ride routes. They are very used to bike riders as they are on the Southern Tier Route that many people take. WomenTours make all the reservations ahead and the motels are expecting us. They usually have the rooms ready when we roll in, spread out in different clumps of riders. We rotate roommates every night.

Day11-5We usually eat outside (white plastic chairs) around our tiny trailer kitchen where Sarah prepares our meal. After dinner, we get the Cue Sheet that tells us our route for our ride the next morning. Carol, our guide, goes over it in detail to help us be prepared for the ride. As a rookie, sometimes I get scared, as it seems overwhelming at times. My confidence is building, though, and I think of why I am riding and the fight for Alzheimer’s helps me attempt new challenges. In fact, this whole trip is a wicked challenge.

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So today I will share an Alzheimer’s story! We stopped at Taylor Freeze, a locally owned ice cream and burger type spot 11 miles outside Safford. They had lots of signs tempting you to stop just like South Of The Border, but smaller, like the towns. It was on our cue sheet so my group had planned to stop. The owner (family business) is Sheryl Goodman and she loves the bike riders.


She was very friendly and we quickly engaged in a conversation. Of course I gave her my blog card and told her I was riding for Alzheimer’s awareness. Bingo!  She began by telling me her mom had died of Alzheimer’s 2 years ago and had it for 10 years. I hope she will follow my blog!
So my friends, even in a tiny town in a rural desert, Alzheimer’s strikes.
I will continue to share my journey and again it is your encouragement that keeps me going.

Day 9: Learning more lessons

My group that I rode with today, Saturday, rolled out of Phoenix at 7:45.  A little later start, but it suited me exactly!! I was humbled by my ride on Friday.  It was cool and slightly downhill, so rookie me went out too fast like I was in a hurry or in a race. Sometimes you just want to get there, and that was all my fault. At mile 40, my knee started to hurt.  I raised the seat, but then my Achilles started to hurt! I rode the next 28 miles beating myself up, but trying to find peace with my rookie mistake!! So today was another day and I hooked up with 3 ladies that wanted to enjoy the day ride out of Phoenix. Lesson #3.

We peddled from Phoenix, through Scottsdale, Mesa and finally rolled into Gold Canyon, Arizona. It was a 60 mile, *beautifully* scenic ride. The knee felt better today, and I am icing the Achilles while I write. All will be good for our climb to Globe, Arizona tomorrow.

Please pass along my efforts and help me encourage ANY donation to Alzheimer’s either through my blog at the top where it says to donate or checks made out to the Alzheimer’s Association and mail to 6350 Center Dr Suite 102 Norfolk Va. 23502 write Rona’s ride in the memo.
Thank you for your prayers and support,

Day 7: Join me, if you will..

Hi to my wonderful Blog Buddies,
I want you to experience my ride from Salome, Arizona to Wickenburg. Remember this is a factual story, not based on facts.  Now, close your eyes and we will begin–whoops–sorry, don’t close your eyes or else you can’t read our story.
It’s 4:45am and you are awakened by a horrible scream. Oh yes, we remember the rooster at the motel. Lesson 1: Roosters don’t only scream at sunrise!  Silly me–such a city girl.
We get on our bike clothes.  Not attractive, but practical for visibility and sitting on a tiny little saddle for many hours.
Outside the motel, we grab whatever food is there for breakfast.  Remember–fuel first,  taste is secondary. Pack some snacks and we will be ready.
Now I want you to imagine a straight line.  Make it white, like the road lines. Now make the line 55 miles long and very. Straight.
Still with me?
Now imagine some fans all along the way on, say, medium–blowing in your face. Now, on either side of that 55 mile, fan-blowing white line are picture postcards of an Arizona desert following you the whole 55 miles. You can see far ahead.  Very far ahead.  Looks pretty much the same.  Kind of like running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike.  For hours.  Are you getting it?
Only now you reach Wickenburg and there is joy in your heart because you are safe, you have peddled for Alzheimer’s, and you are blessed that so many wonderful friends are with you every inch of the way.
I hope you enjoyed our little ride because if you for *one second* thought I could do this without you, oh, you are SO wrong. I ride for all of us who want an end to this horrible disease called Alzheimer’s.
You are my inspiration!
With respect and love,

Day 6: One state down!


Left California at sunrise today on a beautiful morning. Crossed the Colorado river as we headed to the Arizona border. Headed to Interstate 10– yes, we road 35 miles on the freeway. Got passed by lots of 18 wheelers probably headed to Virginia with your stuff!!! At least we had a wide shoulder and it was smooth!

It was lots of desert and lots more desert and even more desert…….
Truly God’s creation..  I found myself singing God Bless America and I don’t even sing!  But out in the desert it was safe!!!!
It was a good 60 mile ride.  I met a guy riding alone for epilepsy and I shared my ride for Alzheimer’s.
If my OSC Orthopedic and Spine Center friends are reading this, my knees, back and all other body parts are holding up great.  I am grateful for all the help from your office!
Please continue to pray for my safety and thank you for your donations to Alzheimer’s .
With appreciation..

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