Day 4: Longest ride yet!

Left Brawley at sunrise due to long ride day; 87 miles and an 88° sunny day. I had never ridden my bike longer than 60 miles in my 3 1/2 months of training. Yikes! I was once again nervous.


I got into a group, 5 of us riding the same pace and it was great. We took a few stops for food.  Our support car hops ahead of us with good snacks.  Oh, did you know when long distance biking, you eat and drink even when you are not hungry or thirsty?  Who would know?  But it’s true!  Yours truly learned that because if you don’t, you will finish, but feel like a wet noodle after!

We were in the middle of an amazing desert of mountains and sand, God’s country.
I feel great for going the longest distance so far, and for the blessing of feeling good!

Our cook is off tonight, so we are off to Sizzler!!!
Thank you for your support for Alzheimer’s and me!
You can email me at if you just want to chat–nights are free time.



Day 3: Mountains and Winds

I started today in Alpine california with great hesitation and fear as they were calling for
50-70 mph winds over a 10 mile, 3000 ft elevation drop. This was after being blown off my bike yesterday on a tough uphill climb! My bike and I made out fine–we just got a bruise and a startle. You will, I hope,  be proud of me for using my common sense and taking, along with many of the woman on the trip, a bump. That means we took a ride to the bottom 10 miles to be safe. Please don’t call me a wimp because a few of us got lost later and did an extra 5 miles!!


When the “hills”–which are really mountains–get tough, I think of our families dealing with Alzheimer’s and this is nothing!

photo 3

Oh Roberta, if you are reading this the sunglasses are great–don’t know what I would do without them.

Connie (Village Bike Shop), my bike is holding up great!  I apologized to her for a 7.5mile stretch that was so bumpy I thought my bike would never make it in one piece!

Avanell, Chris, Matt, Matt, Rod, Dave (Bike Beat)– thank you for the bike class, guidance, and help.

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Remember I am riding to bring awareness and donations for Alzheimer’s. Please help me by sharing our passion for an end to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Donations: Google “Ronasride” or visit the Please Donate! page right here on my blog and push the EASY Button!  You can also send a check directly to:

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Thank you so much!


Day 2: Riding

Day2-1(Posted 1 day later) Just completed day 2.  We rode from Alpine to Jacumba, California.  It was a sunny, blue sky day, lots of mountain climbs with gusts of 30 mph. We are now at elevation 3900 ft. The wind only blew me over once, but it scared me, so I rode very cautiously after!!

It was challenging, but when the climbs were at their hardest, I thought of families faced with Alzheimer’s and I knew they have a tougher battle than I do on this ride.

My bike buddies are great. My roommate last night, Sue, has a Dad living with Alzheimer’s.

Thank you for your words of support and prayers for safety.

Day 1: We’re off!

Day1-sd-4Day1-sd-5I have arrived in Alpine California (31 miles) for stop 1 and it was a great ride.  Not easy, but ok …the front desk hotel clerk, a young lady in her 20’s, just lost her Dad to Alzheimer’s at age 45.  Too young.  I gave her my card and she wants to follow my Blog.


Natalie from the Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego came to the Pacific Ocean for my send off.  Her mom has Alzheimer’s–another sad story.

I am so grateful for this chance to ride for Alzheimer’s …..all good things are worth working for.  Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my ride for Alzheimer’s; every dollar counts.

Going for a hot shower and we will eat dinner around the van outside!!!
See you tomorrow.