Day 53: On the downhill slope..

photo 2

Today’s ride was straight, flat, good shoulders, not much debris and only 52 miles. Nice ride for getting a good fast ride (I averaged 17 mph) and no chance of getting lost. We are now in Perry, Florida and checked into a Hampton Inn.

I would like to dedicate this blog to all participants past, present and future of our National Signature Event “Walk To End Alzheimer’s”. There are over 650 walk events nationwide and the Walks have raised over 300 million to date. A special thank you to participants of our Southeastern Virginia Chapter Walks. Our Chapter supports 6 Walk To End Alzheimer’s events.
Please join our Chapter at one of our walks: go to to find a walk near you.
My Peninsula Walk To End Alzheimer’s is Saturday, October 18th at Port Warwick in Newport News. For more information and to register, go to (Peninsula).
Teams and individuals are registering (free) now so help us make our walks the most successful ever!  We would love to see you at our Peninsula Kickoff July 15 at The Cove Tavern, 5:30pm, free of charge.
 The End Of Alzheimer’s Starts With Me …..
3 More Days of biking for Alzheimer’s help me raise needed donations I am at $10,894 and riding strong!!!!
With appreciation,

Day 35: The day that did NOT go to the dogs..

Rest is over in Navasota, but the sky is a beautiful blue, no rain, great day for a 72 mile ride!
We are again in cattle ranch country and the cows seem to be hanging out by the fences as if to say hi, and where are you going?  Nice rolling hills and very green.  Reminds me of home, except it’s still dry.  No humidity yet, but I know it’s coming soon!!!
I rode with Twila, a riding buddy who is a great rider from Colorado.  We had a nice pace going and I enjoyed the company.  My picture is at our SAG (‘Support And Gear’ stop) and I am munching a banana–another one of my favorite biking foods!

photo 1My first dog issue came early before I hooked up with Twila (remember I am afraid of dogs) I saw this black dog about 100 yards away on the edge of the road.  I thought, God, please make this either a friendly dog or make him go away!!  Presto!  As I got closer I saw it was a huge black crow-like bird … for Rona.  The next one was 3 dogs.  As I rounded a curve, I saw them.  I was alone at this moment, but knew someone was not far behind me so I turned around and found Tina she said, “Are you ok?” I told her, “We have dogs!!!”  Together we rounded the corner again, Tina with her great NJ voice and me with a handful of nuts and M&M’s, and we approached the dogs.  She yelled (excellently) and I threw the nuts and M&M’s. Two for Rona!  The dogs retreated!!!!

Yes, it was painful to throw my favorite foods, but sometimes you just have to do it!!
Besides that, it was a pleasant day and we are at a very nice Super 8 Hotel–ok a *nice* Super 8 Hotel.  Snacking in front of the hotel on a beautiful day just seems right!

photo 2
Miss home, but my mission for Alzheimer’s is not complete and I have 3 weeks to reach my $10,000 goal for fundraising!!  Keep spreading the word!  We can do this!!!

Day 21: Three weeks down!

Today is the official 3 week mark of my bike across America trip and
it was a rest day in Ft Davis, Texas. I did not go to the McDonald Observatory, although we biked by it yesterday.  I did not go hiking, I did not take a walk, I did not take a swim, I did *nothing* but rest….. Again, that’s not typical me, but we have 7 days coming with no rest!!!

I did talk to our friend Tony Macrini at WNIS and updated him on air about this journey and the support of those fighting for a cure for Alzheimer’s.
Sorry about no pictures, but we are too far from access to send pictures.  Stay tuned!
Oh, I did give my bike a good cleaning and got all the road grime off from yesterday’s ride on the damp roads.  She deserves the best!!!
Now I know what it takes to make me rest!!!  Miles and miles of bike riding in strong headwinds or mountains to climb!!
Miss you all and as always you are keeping me going!

Day 20: Making do

I dedicate this blog to all the staff of the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Each of you are amazing in your dedication to the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. I am inspired to do this bike ride because of your support and help in getting word of my efforts to the public.

We left Van Horn, Texas bright and early for a 90 mile ride to Ft. Davis, Texas. After yesterday’s ride in a monster headwind, I hoped I had enough steam for more climbing. We rode 39 miles on Interstate 10– crazy, but good shoulders. I ran over a piece of tire from a truck on the shoulder and at a rest stop I found the little piece of wire from the tire. I did what any good dental hygienist would do, I pulled it out with my teeth.

By the grace of God, I did not get a flat over the next 51 miles. We had a nice prepared lunch and I used that fuel to ride the many hills to reach Indian Lodge, a quiet spot for our rest day tomorrow!!  My whole body will enjoy a day of peace and not sitting on a bike saddle!
Eating lots, drinking lots (Gatorade) and always appreciating your support.
Today is the last ride of week 3!

photo (3)

To date, you all have helped me raise $5,898 of the $10,000 goal.  Only $102 and we’re at 60%!!  Thank you for your investment into ending Alzheimer’s!!!


Day 19: May the wind always be at your back. No. Really.

I am dedicating today’s blog to my pal Michele Beresh.  You see many years ago we ran a marathon together.  I was her coach, and there was a very strong wind in her face.
She was struggling and I told her the wind was good because ‘it forces your lungs to fill faster and makes you run better’. Of course it was bull, but I was trying to encourage her to run!!
Well payback is HECK because after waking up to my first flat tire (at least I was still in the hotel), a thorn in my tire was the least of my ride issues.  We had a 75 mile ride to Van Horn, Texas with 30 to 35 mile an hour head winds the entire 75 miles. The thoughts of what I told Michele made me smile but I also realized that this was my payback!!!! SORRY PAL….
Without a doubt, this was our hardest ride yet.  No wind break and I had to dig down deep to finish as my friend Jeannie from Maine and I only averaged 10 mph. It was great to have her to ride with because I knew we would not give up while working together!
Tomorrow is a 90 mile ride to Ft. Davis, Texas.  We are staying at a state park lodge and have a rest day!!! I am hoping for tailwinds–Please !!!!!

Day19-1 Day19-2


Remember, please donate to Alzheimer’s on or send checks to the Alzheimer’s Association 6350 Center Dr. Suite 102, Norfolk, VA. 23502
Every cent goes to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Thank you, my friends for your amazing support! I needed it today and you helped me through the windy ride!!

Day 17: Into the Lone Star State!

(Posted 1 day later–Day 18 blog will be posted shortly)

Day17-5I dedicate this blog to all the Alzheimer’s caregivers past, present and future. This includes families taking care of loved ones at home, caregivers taking care in facilities and homes, and friends that visit Alzheimer’s victims because they care. You are the heroes of this ugly disease and it is for you that I am riding across America.
Today I got up to see the sunrise and had my hotel breakfast (Days Inn Saint Teresa). Waffle House, you would be proud of me–I eat waffles everyday when hotels have them, my bike riding secret formula for energy. Of course I eat cereal, yogurt and hard boiled eggs, too. Oh, and did I say my favorite–coffee!

My morning continued with a phone call from Hampton Roads’ own Joe Flanagan of WVEC 13.  He did a phone interview with me as an update on my Ronasride for Alzheimer’s that aired Sunday at 6pm. I was so grateful to have his and the station’s support in getting the word out in hopes of raising more awareness and more donations for the Alzheimer’s Association. If you saw it I hope it was ok!!

I buddied up with Jeannie from Maine for today’s ride into El Paso because there were 60 miles of turns to reach our Comfort Inn. We have ridden into several towns and and have not gotten lost yet. We thought it was going to be a nice easy ride but surprise, surprise we rode into a Texas wind–seems they are common this time of year. So flat felt like hills and once again I was humbled. Most importantly we made it safely!!!!

Tonight we celebrate the crossing into yet another new state!!! I am so excited because we had spaghetti last night and since I don’t eat pork (tonight’s dinner), I get leftover spaghetti!! I could eat it every night. So as I hear my stomach growling, I will say goodnight, God bless and thank you for your support and prayers.

Day 12: Wheeeeee!

So, remember the really straight white line on the road with the fans blowing in my face that I was following in Arizona a few days ago in my blog? It went on and on?
Well, it was back today from Safford, Arizona and continued to Lordsburg, New Mexico, for 75 miles.

Except today the fans were blowing at my back.  Wow, I was peddling up to 27 mph on a flat road.  Wheeeeeeeee!!!  Lots of desert beauty–God’s creation–and lots of beer bottles, glass and trash–MAN’s creation.  Lots of signs in NM about DWI’s–must be a big problem.
My legs felt good today so they will be ready for our climb tomorrow to Silver City and then a rest day.
Now today’s Alzheimer’s story: I got up to call Tony Macrini at WNIS at 4:30am my time, and did a live spot about my ride.  I talked about the ugly Alzheimer’s disease and yes, Tony, riding on a bike saddle hour after hour can be challenging!!! The price I pay to spread the word..
Well, I started talking to the front desk clerk at our Days Inn. Danica told me her grandmother and two aunts had Alzheimer’s. I gave her my blog card and she donated online to my ride today. Thank you, Danica!  Even in a small mining town in Arizona, a lovely young desk clerk is touched enough donate to a total stranger. Bless you Danica!

Day12-1 Day12-3 Day12-4
Another day, another story, another mile a day closer to Florida 😊
With love,

Please Donate!  Click or send a check to:

Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia

6350 Central Ave #102

Norfolk, VA 23502

$5498 of my $10,000 goal achieved!  THANK YOU!!

Day 3: Mountains and Winds

I started today in Alpine california with great hesitation and fear as they were calling for
50-70 mph winds over a 10 mile, 3000 ft elevation drop. This was after being blown off my bike yesterday on a tough uphill climb! My bike and I made out fine–we just got a bruise and a startle. You will, I hope,  be proud of me for using my common sense and taking, along with many of the woman on the trip, a bump. That means we took a ride to the bottom 10 miles to be safe. Please don’t call me a wimp because a few of us got lost later and did an extra 5 miles!!


When the “hills”–which are really mountains–get tough, I think of our families dealing with Alzheimer’s and this is nothing!

photo 3

Oh Roberta, if you are reading this the sunglasses are great–don’t know what I would do without them.

Connie (Village Bike Shop), my bike is holding up great!  I apologized to her for a 7.5mile stretch that was so bumpy I thought my bike would never make it in one piece!

Avanell, Chris, Matt, Matt, Rod, Dave (Bike Beat)– thank you for the bike class, guidance, and help.

Please share my Blog and my Facebook page where I post pictures too. If we are not friends, let’s be friends!

Remember I am riding to bring awareness and donations for Alzheimer’s. Please help me by sharing our passion for an end to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Donations: Google “Ronasride” or visit the Please Donate! page right here on my blog and push the EASY Button!  You can also send a check directly to:

Alzheimer’s Association Southeast Virginia Chapter
c/o Rona’s Ride
6350 Central Ave, #102
Norfolk, 23502

Thank you so much!


Day 1: We’re off!

Day1-sd-4Day1-sd-5I have arrived in Alpine California (31 miles) for stop 1 and it was a great ride.  Not easy, but ok …the front desk hotel clerk, a young lady in her 20’s, just lost her Dad to Alzheimer’s at age 45.  Too young.  I gave her my card and she wants to follow my Blog.


Natalie from the Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego came to the Pacific Ocean for my send off.  Her mom has Alzheimer’s–another sad story.

I am so grateful for this chance to ride for Alzheimer’s …..all good things are worth working for.  Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my ride for Alzheimer’s; every dollar counts.

Going for a hot shower and we will eat dinner around the van outside!!!
See you tomorrow.


Leaving On a Jet Plane

My bags are packed and I am ready to go, and I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning very bright and early.

I will be meeting up with my bike in San Diego and many new faces of the ladies I will be riding with starting on Friday March 7th.  My sister from Boulder has been by chance in San Diego for a conference so she stayed a couple of extra days to see me tomorrow. I am so excited to see her and hang out tomorrow.  I also plan to go to the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association on Thursday and say hello.

My eyes are heavy even though it is not terribly late. So I will say good night getting up at 3:30am, we will meet again in California.

Thank you for helping me spread the serious business of supporting Alzheimer’s Disease.  My mission is to meet and hear stories of families touched by Alzheimer’s Disease. Give them hope and make a difference.