Pre-Staging: Not Much Longer Now!

Well, I am getting important things taken care of, such as talking to my Sprint customer service representative, Brigitte from Texas. Got a new iphone 5s and with her wonderful help I am fine tuning the “smart” thing.  I told her about the bike trip but she is in Ft. Worth–too far north to visit.  I told her she would be my hero if my Sprint phone really got service as I crossed the country–especially in Middle of Nowhere, Texas.
My bike went to UPS boxed in several pieces, I am hoping to see it back in one piece at Bernie’s Bike Shop in San Diego on March 5th.  Thank you, Matt, for the gentle care of my bike and making her like new.  She is only 3.5 months old but has had some miles put on her for a young thing.
My new duffle bag works; it fits all my bike stuff so it stays together and nothing is lonely.  Did I tell you how much stuff one needs to bike?  Stuff for your hands, feet, head, knees, tools, creams, bags, tubes, pumps, lights. Everything else will go in a bigger duffle bag.  Oh, and did I mention they said ‘pack light’?
Thanks for the support in the preparation stage.
Thanks for the donations to the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease.


Tomorrow I say good-bye to my bike, as it is off to the shop for a tune up and then being sent to San Diego, California. We met on October 28, 2013, and I rode my first 10 miles in preparation for the Ride Across America. Fall and winter have been a test of my durability, patience and ability to dress warm. Despite the weather, my bike and I have bonded and I will meet up with her again on the West Coast on March 5.
So for the next 2 weeks I will taper and ride a stationary bike to maintain my endurance. It is in many ways like my marathon training of days gone by; the work is done, now is the time to stay focused and let your body rest. Though I don’t always listen to my advice to others, I know that rest days can be just as important as the days you train. I will close with that advice.
May we all listen.

Training, training, training

With 4 weeks till we dip our tires in the Pacific Ocean, my journey across America is feeling very real.

I began training after I got a bike at the end of October, so I am in my fourth month of biking. I ride 6 days a week tracking my training by miles if I ride outside, and by hours if I have to go inside on my trainer or a stationary bike at the gym. There have been many inside days since the winter months have brought challenging temperatures for my hands and feet. I ride between 9-12 hours or 120-180 miles a week. Since this is all new to me I hope this is enough? I was a marathon runner but this is so new for me I can only hope that I am close to being ready.
We will average 60 miles a day but that will be on hills, and elevation, none of which we have in Newport News. I am very restless at this point with so much to process from packing, logistics, my family, and safety.
Thank you for your support and prayers. Fundraising for Alzheimer’s (Walk To End Alzheimer’s) will keep me going.
Stay tuned

Donation Made Easy

In trying to get the word out about the ride and support for the Walk to End Alzheimers, there has been some confusion about where to go to donate to my team.

So we added the Easy Button!

easy button

Yes, you can click the button.  Go ahead!  Try it!

And yes, it’s here in this blog post, but since posts move away from the front page with time, we’ve also made a permanent link right here on my blog.  If you look under the map, there is a link that says Please Donate!!  You may go to that page at any time and click on the Easy Button to be taken directly to the Alzheimer’s Association’s donation page for my team.

Click here in this post, or click through the Please Donate!! page; either will take you directly to the donation form at  All online donations are guaranteed secure, and the Alzheimer’s Association is a Better Business Bureau certified charity.  If you would prefer to send your donation by mail, please send a check or money order to the Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia Chapter office at the following address:

Alzheimer’s Association SEVA

ATTN: Rona’s Ride

6350 Center Dr #102

Norfolk, VA 23502

Again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  I can’t do this without your support!