Day 41: How to dress for the occasion

Writing My Blog!

Writing My Blog!

Good Wednesday, my friends!  Sorry there are no pictures, well I did ask my roommate to take 1, but be sure I did ride.  Ask my saddle if you don’t believe me!!!!!  Just when you think it Is broken in, you have a day when you can’t wait to get OFF of it!!! It was an 88 mile day starting off very cold at 37 degrees–again, WHAT TO WEAR????  I just did the layer thing.  

The lucky number today was 4–a short sleeve jersey, long sleeve jersey, fleece, and bright colored windbreaker!  Bike shorts and long tights, two pair of socks, and gloves!!!  The good news is that by 20 miles I dropped the tights, the fleece and the gloves.  This may seem simple, but it is a science to dress for biking all day!!!!!

It was a good ride.  I pushed the first half and rode easy the second half and enjoyed the GREEN everywhere.  Nothing eventful, just areas of lots of traffic on very small roads, so I am very grateful to be at the hotel safely.  Tomorrow is our last night in Louisiana, and then we peddle to Mississippi on Friday, another new state for me.
I am happy to say my Alzheimer’s total is $8199 getting closer to my $10,000 goal–only $1800 to go!  Spread the word!!!!!
Thank you all for the support and encouragement–it makes me very grateful and blessed!
Love, Rona

Forty Days and Forty Nights

photo 5I woke to a beautiful blue sky, 40’s and windy morning. Ah, a rest day–something I have learned to embrace to prepare me for the next days of riding. Our cottage called the Pond is peaceful and of course I woke up early and made coffee and planned breakfast. My cottage mates were not up so I tried to be quiet.  That’s much easier being in a house setting. Thanks to my friend Jo, I had matzo with butter and jam. Keeping Passover just can’t happen on this trip but I have my matzo and will make my box last a week. I did read the story of Passover on my iPad and it made me grateful for all of God’s blessing. He has been my strength on this journey, sending me wonderful friends to support me along the way.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


Lunch was a lone surviving peanut butter sandwich I found in my bike bag with chips, nuts and a banana. I did not want to hop a ride into town–I’d much rather just chill here!  I went to the main B&B house and spoke with Anne who runs the lodge, which has been in her family since 1780.  Charming, with character, of course. The cottages (8) were added later.  I also met Rosemary and Emma, who have taken care of the cottages for over 20 years. They are born and raised here in Saint Francisville, LA. Delightful ladies, and we had nice conversation.  They told me how the place was full with Katrina victims and how challenging those months were for the B&B. The grounds are beautiful, but right now noisy with the sounds of a strong wind. Tomorrow it’s a 90 mile ride into Hammond, LA– hoping for tailwinds!!
Thank you again for your needed support and prayers.
Love, Rona

More pics of St Francisville and The Pond

photo 3 (7) photo 2 (8) photo 1 (8) photo 4 (4)

Day 39: 100 miles closer!

photo 2Today’s ride got off to an ominous start with the threat of rain and a thunderstorm.  So I squeezed my new, recently ordered bike rain jacket into my bike bag and off I rode. It was a 95 mile day which turned into 100 with some poor directions on our cue sheet. Not to worry, though, I buddied up with Twila and Charlene and together along with asking a few folks, we found our way to the bridge to cross the Mississippi River. It was a great ride up the bridge and we stopped for pictures of the muddy river view!  Again we rode through countryside.  Lots of farms and crawfish–in fact, everywhere. They say it is the lobster of the South, and I say I will PASS.

photo 3 photo 1
I followed my bike buddies to the Inn that they are staying at and the other half of us are at the Greenwood B&B in separate cottages.  Mine is the Pond…can you guess why?  I have my own room and two other riders are sharing a room. We have a little living room, kitchen and porch that looks out over the POND!  I will post pictures tomorrow as it is thundering and raining now.  Supposed to be sunny and 44 tomorrow–that is fine for a rest day!  It has been warm and humid.  So we are spread out for the rest day in separate cottages and the Inn is about 3 miles away!
Look for my picture tomorrow as this B&B is on beautiful acreage.  As always, I think of everyone supporting my efforts and today, I used your energy at mile 67 when I needed a break.  We found an old country store in who knows where and I bought a REAL coke to have with my Peanut Butter sandwich!  Bingo!  I was revived and cruised the next 33 miles on your help!!!! Thank You

photo 4
Till tomorrow,
Happy Passover
Love Rona

Day 38: ‘Mud bugs’??

Sunday’s ride, April 13

photo 1
We got an early start for an 84 mile ride into Lafayette, LA because we knew winds 20-30mph were coming as the day progressed.  It looks like some rain and possible thunderstorms for tomorrow’s 94 mile ride into St. Francisville, LA . We have a rest day on Tuesday so we want to get there safely? So far, Louisiana is very swampy, and the ditches on the side of our bike roads are filled with standing water.  I saw little crab-like bugs running around–yikes!!!  We must be at or below sea level. I will let you know tomorrow when it rains!!

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I checked in to our hotel, Discovery Inn, and was talking to a housekeeper.  She told me her sister has last stage Alzheimer’s in her 60’s and their Mom died of Alzheimer’s in her 60’s. Their father’s brother was also a victim of Alzheimer’s. The stories go o …….
I am resting from our ride today.  It beat me up, so I will say till tomorrow!!
Thank you for your amazing encouragement.  It is appreciated…