Day 25: Rocky roads–and no, not ice cream

Many of my blog thoughts come as I am riding across America and today was no different. After our 107 mile ride yesterday (yes, I am still sore in many places), I thought of how researchers are working around the world to find answers to Alzheimer’s from drugs to cures. They hit many bumps in the roads of their work.  It may slow them down, but it does not stop them. They fight through the rocky spots and disappointments and keep going for a cure and to save the next person stricken with the disease called Alzheimer’s.  Today, our 45 mile ride had many literal bumps in the roads.  At times I thought my bike was going to fall apart but I kept going forward.  My head was bounced around and so was everything else, but onward we go. The thoughts of the researchers working through their challenges inspires me to take the bumps in stride and take each one at a time.
We are at Ft. Clark in –yes– still Texas !!!

photo 2 photo 1

$6,626 of $10,000!!




Day 24: Back in the saddle and better than ever!

photo 1Good thing I went to bed last night at 7:30 pm.  I had a low day so I needed to recharge my batteries and refocus. Today I woke up feeling like my old self –YEA !! We rolled out of the gross hotel at 7:45am for a 108 mile riding day unfortunately into 20-30 mph headwinds again. I had never ridden a bike 100 miles at one time.  They call it a century so it was a big day for me!  Of course, very nervous again, faced with the unknown. We started as the sun rose because it was a 108 mile day to the hotel in Del Rio. Let’s not talk about the hotel..again.  I will let you know when we stay at a nice one again!!  We got into a line–Jeannie, Twila, Ellen and me to form a pace line to help each other with blocking the wind.  We took turns in front pulling.  The funny part is they are all little people, so blocking the wind was minimal…but we did it!  Finished in 10 hrs. 30 min. In 20-30 mph headwinds. There were 5 riders that made it in before sunset.  Our group was so excited!!!

photo 2
So for me in the biking world, it was an awesome day.  I did my first century in they said the toughest conditions. Now I am closing my day by writing to you and again as always thank you for you amazing support!
Though my ride today was something I will never forget, it seems so trivial in our battle for a cure for Alzheimer’s. Thank you for the many donations for Alzheimer’s to date and I pray they will continue to come in to complete this journey of a lifetime. This is week 4 , halfway on our ride is Friday April 4th , and we will still be in Texas!!!!
With love

Day 23: They can’t ALL be good days..

photo 4We left the beautiful Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas and rode 55 miles to a town (not sure it is a town since most of the businesses are closed) of Sanderson, Texas. Just when you think the motels can’t get worse than Ft. Hancock, BINGO!!! Gross is an understatement. ….But it was this or ride another 110 miles to Del Rio, our ride for tomorrow. The ride today was another headwind, same desert landscape, and I was frustrated to say the least, or just tired. I guess I am allowed a hard day, but the gross motel doesn’t help.. Tomorrow is another day and I will try and refocus!!

photo 2photo 1photo 3Unloading our bags at the end of the day

The positives are, my bike buddies are really nice, it’s not raining, nice temperature, and most importantly, I have been getting great support from those of you supporting my ride for Alzheimer’s. That said, a good sleep and I will do my best to ride 110 miles (my longest ride ever) tomorrow to Del Rio.
With appreciation,


Day 22: An evening to myself!

I am dedicating my blog today to my dear Joanne who is living with Alzheimer’s and her amazing, loving daughter Lisa. You, my wonderful Joanne, are my strength to fight for a cure, and Lisa you inspire me with the love and care you give to your mom everyday of your life.  You were there for me with my mom and I will never forget your support.

photo (4)

After a challenging ride into Ft. Davis,  poor internet connections and a needed rest day the winds were finally with us en route to Marathon, Texas.  60 miles in 3 hrs. 10 min. I almost felt guilty for the boost, but quickly remembered the 75 miles into a headwind, and thanked God for the help.  One thing is for sure–Texas is always windy in one direction or another!!!

photo 4 (2)
I have a single room for tonight in the historic Gage Hotel in Marathon Texas charming and rustic. Dates back to the 1927…..

photo 1 (3) photo 3 (3) photo 2 (3)
Feeling good and I think I have found the sweet spot on my bike saddle (it only took 3 weeks).  Or it could be because I bought the saddle right before I shipped my bike to San Diego and only rode on it 2 times–another rookie mistake!!

photo 5

Never forget how much each of you mean to me and this experience, I could not do this without YOU!!
Thank you all for the donations to Alzheimer’s and words of prayer!  For that I am grateful.  Thanks to you all, we are over $6000!

Love Rona

Day 21: Three weeks down!

Today is the official 3 week mark of my bike across America trip and
it was a rest day in Ft Davis, Texas. I did not go to the McDonald Observatory, although we biked by it yesterday.  I did not go hiking, I did not take a walk, I did not take a swim, I did *nothing* but rest….. Again, that’s not typical me, but we have 7 days coming with no rest!!!

I did talk to our friend Tony Macrini at WNIS and updated him on air about this journey and the support of those fighting for a cure for Alzheimer’s.
Sorry about no pictures, but we are too far from access to send pictures.  Stay tuned!
Oh, I did give my bike a good cleaning and got all the road grime off from yesterday’s ride on the damp roads.  She deserves the best!!!
Now I know what it takes to make me rest!!!  Miles and miles of bike riding in strong headwinds or mountains to climb!!
Miss you all and as always you are keeping me going!

Day 20: Making do

I dedicate this blog to all the staff of the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Each of you are amazing in your dedication to the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. I am inspired to do this bike ride because of your support and help in getting word of my efforts to the public.

We left Van Horn, Texas bright and early for a 90 mile ride to Ft. Davis, Texas. After yesterday’s ride in a monster headwind, I hoped I had enough steam for more climbing. We rode 39 miles on Interstate 10– crazy, but good shoulders. I ran over a piece of tire from a truck on the shoulder and at a rest stop I found the little piece of wire from the tire. I did what any good dental hygienist would do, I pulled it out with my teeth.

By the grace of God, I did not get a flat over the next 51 miles. We had a nice prepared lunch and I used that fuel to ride the many hills to reach Indian Lodge, a quiet spot for our rest day tomorrow!!  My whole body will enjoy a day of peace and not sitting on a bike saddle!
Eating lots, drinking lots (Gatorade) and always appreciating your support.
Today is the last ride of week 3!

photo (3)

To date, you all have helped me raise $5,898 of the $10,000 goal.  Only $102 and we’re at 60%!!  Thank you for your investment into ending Alzheimer’s!!!


Day 19: May the wind always be at your back. No. Really.

I am dedicating today’s blog to my pal Michele Beresh.  You see many years ago we ran a marathon together.  I was her coach, and there was a very strong wind in her face.
She was struggling and I told her the wind was good because ‘it forces your lungs to fill faster and makes you run better’. Of course it was bull, but I was trying to encourage her to run!!
Well payback is HECK because after waking up to my first flat tire (at least I was still in the hotel), a thorn in my tire was the least of my ride issues.  We had a 75 mile ride to Van Horn, Texas with 30 to 35 mile an hour head winds the entire 75 miles. The thoughts of what I told Michele made me smile but I also realized that this was my payback!!!! SORRY PAL….
Without a doubt, this was our hardest ride yet.  No wind break and I had to dig down deep to finish as my friend Jeannie from Maine and I only averaged 10 mph. It was great to have her to ride with because I knew we would not give up while working together!
Tomorrow is a 90 mile ride to Ft. Davis, Texas.  We are staying at a state park lodge and have a rest day!!! I am hoping for tailwinds–Please !!!!!

Day19-1 Day19-2


Remember, please donate to Alzheimer’s on or send checks to the Alzheimer’s Association 6350 Center Dr. Suite 102, Norfolk, VA. 23502
Every cent goes to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Thank you, my friends for your amazing support! I needed it today and you helped me through the windy ride!!