Day 48: A once in a lifetime day..

photo 1 (10)Today, April 23, is a very special birthday for me not just because is was # 60, but because there will never be one like it again.
I have been blessed to bike across America for Alzheimer’s Disease, my new bike buddies shared the happy day with me, I had a great 65 mile ride to Crestview, Florida, I was interviewed by the Huffington Post (checkout my Facebook), we are staying at a nice hotel (Hampton Inn), I got to pick dinner so I picked spaghetti, my wonderful husband Alan sent me a dozen red roses, tomorrow is our last 95 mile ride, my old running buddy Pat is driving down from Huntsville, Alabama tomorrow to visit in Marianne, Florida, I am ever so close to my fundraising goal and I received so many kind birthday wishes.
photo 2 (10)

Please know how grateful I am and how much I look forward to seeing everyone back in Va.




Day 34: Rest and outreach


Today was a rest day in Navasota–yes, Texas–and a very special one indeed. My day started slowly with coffee in the room and progressed to the hotel breakfast–good raisin bran and more coffee! I cleaned my bike–a regular event these days.
I had been contacted by local TV Channel 3 to do a news story on my ride for Alzheimer’s so Alex came to the Hotel at noon and we did an interview, lots of video, etc. She was great and will put the story on my page after it airs here. Then I walked to Subway for lunch.  I took a break from peanut butter for today!  Across the street was a Walmart and I decided to wander over.  Out front of the store was a guy on a packed bike.  I spoke to him–Curtis.  He is from Vancouver, Canada and he is biking to Florida, camping along the way. He is a caregiver for a large clinic for Alzheimer’s patients. I told him how much I appreciate what he does and we took some pictures. What were the chances of that!!!
I thought, how amazing, he is an aide for the disease which I am biking across America to *end*.
At 3:30, Amanda from the Houston area Alzheimer’s Association picked me up to go to city hall and meet the Mayor, Bert Miller. They arranged a group to gather for a proclamation given to me in appreciation for my efforts of biking for Alzheimer’s. The guests were wonderful and I was so proud to be representing our Association. I gave them all my Blog card to follow my ride to St. Augustine.

photo 2 photo 1
I finished a great day with dinner with some bike buddies at Pizza Hut!
Tomorrow is back to riding 75 miles to Cleveland–yes, Texas!!
Sweet dreams and again, thank you for your support and prayers!

Day 17: Into the Lone Star State!

(Posted 1 day later–Day 18 blog will be posted shortly)

Day17-5I dedicate this blog to all the Alzheimer’s caregivers past, present and future. This includes families taking care of loved ones at home, caregivers taking care in facilities and homes, and friends that visit Alzheimer’s victims because they care. You are the heroes of this ugly disease and it is for you that I am riding across America.
Today I got up to see the sunrise and had my hotel breakfast (Days Inn Saint Teresa). Waffle House, you would be proud of me–I eat waffles everyday when hotels have them, my bike riding secret formula for energy. Of course I eat cereal, yogurt and hard boiled eggs, too. Oh, and did I say my favorite–coffee!

My morning continued with a phone call from Hampton Roads’ own Joe Flanagan of WVEC 13.  He did a phone interview with me as an update on my Ronasride for Alzheimer’s that aired Sunday at 6pm. I was so grateful to have his and the station’s support in getting the word out in hopes of raising more awareness and more donations for the Alzheimer’s Association. If you saw it I hope it was ok!!

I buddied up with Jeannie from Maine for today’s ride into El Paso because there were 60 miles of turns to reach our Comfort Inn. We have ridden into several towns and and have not gotten lost yet. We thought it was going to be a nice easy ride but surprise, surprise we rode into a Texas wind–seems they are common this time of year. So flat felt like hills and once again I was humbled. Most importantly we made it safely!!!!

Tonight we celebrate the crossing into yet another new state!!! I am so excited because we had spaghetti last night and since I don’t eat pork (tonight’s dinner), I get leftover spaghetti!! I could eat it every night. So as I hear my stomach growling, I will say goodnight, God bless and thank you for your support and prayers.

Day 12: Wheeeeee!

So, remember the really straight white line on the road with the fans blowing in my face that I was following in Arizona a few days ago in my blog? It went on and on?
Well, it was back today from Safford, Arizona and continued to Lordsburg, New Mexico, for 75 miles.

Except today the fans were blowing at my back.  Wow, I was peddling up to 27 mph on a flat road.  Wheeeeeeeee!!!  Lots of desert beauty–God’s creation–and lots of beer bottles, glass and trash–MAN’s creation.  Lots of signs in NM about DWI’s–must be a big problem.
My legs felt good today so they will be ready for our climb tomorrow to Silver City and then a rest day.
Now today’s Alzheimer’s story: I got up to call Tony Macrini at WNIS at 4:30am my time, and did a live spot about my ride.  I talked about the ugly Alzheimer’s disease and yes, Tony, riding on a bike saddle hour after hour can be challenging!!! The price I pay to spread the word..
Well, I started talking to the front desk clerk at our Days Inn. Danica told me her grandmother and two aunts had Alzheimer’s. I gave her my blog card and she donated online to my ride today. Thank you, Danica!  Even in a small mining town in Arizona, a lovely young desk clerk is touched enough donate to a total stranger. Bless you Danica!

Day12-1 Day12-3 Day12-4
Another day, another story, another mile a day closer to Florida 😊
With love,

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